Microsoft offers Windows 8 workaround for Google Calendar events

Last week, Microsoft issued an update to its Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps that removed a way for the apps to sync both new and existing Google Calendar events, thanks to Google's previous decision to disable Exchange ActiveSync support in Windows 8. Today, Microsoft offers up a workaround that will allow Windows 8 users to see Google Calendar events in those apps.

The workaround, as described on Microsoft's Windows support page, uses the company's service. People who sign up for Microsoft's email service have to go to their Google account first, in order to export and save the events they want to save to their PC.  Those event are then imported into's new calendar, which went live earlier this week. The service must then connect to the Windows 8 Calendar app to see the Google Calendar events.

In order to keep the Google Calendar events updated after they are exported to, users must tell the people sending those events to email their address from now on. For those people who want to use the Windows 8 Calendar app just for receiving Google Calendar notifications, a post on Microsoft's support page has a workaround for that feature.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Still another workaround for the failure Windows-8. It started with the Start Menu and desktop, then..., and more..., now Google calendar. Pity Microsoft chose to not "get it right" the first time. Workarounds are never any substitution for what should have been present all along.

Actually there is a better "work around" that allows you to continue using google, and MS as well as windows 8 cal app.

Simply copy your private calendar address from google and paste it into "subscribe" in live's calendar.

signed up just to letcha know, it is the private not the shared or public link that you want.

LOL As others are saying this isn't a workaround, it's just trying to get you to switch your account to Outlook. Is Neowin on the MS wagewagon now too?

You know proper journalism cannot be done while you're in someone's pocket?

Yeah, this isn't a workaround at all - it must be some kind of joke. The calendar and mail apps in Windows 8 are dire though, so I'm not surprised. I can only hope that MS are saving up some big surprise revamp for 8.1.
The amusing thing is that, while my calendar is now blank, I still get all the toast notifications for my meetings. /smh

This doesn't really sound like a workaround. To me, it sounds like "To make it work, you'll have to stop using Google Calendar events, and use an Outlook Account's Calendar events instead." It works, but it's only a workaround in the sense that you have to switch products, right?

I've been doing it like this for a while now (before the new calendar).
Unfortunately, calendars from an ics link are only synced once a day.

Thought so - this was what I did from day one - use the ICS link in my account. Never bothered added GMail using Exchange ActiveSync but I can still see my Google Calendar events.