Microsoft: Office 2007 download ready Dec. 1

Microsoft confirmed on Monday that it has completed work on Office 2007's system code and released it to manufacturing. Customers in Canada and the United States can start downloading Office 2007 on Dec. 1. That is one day after the company plans to officially launch the updated productivity suite along with the Windows Vista operating system and the Exchange Server 2007 communications software in New York City.

Users in an additional 13 countries will be able to download the free 60-day trial versions "soon" after the beginning of December, according to a Microsoft spokeswoman, who declined to give further details. Those countries will include the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Mexico. Customers can activate their copy of Office 2007 within the first two months by paying online or at a retail store.

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Quote - Julius Caro said @ #1
Trial versions? That sounds dangerous (crackeable! ) . Did they EVER do something like this before?

Anything is crackable.

Quote - Rowain said @ #1.2

Anything is crackable.

yeah the Server 2003 is crackable. you don't even need a so called crack either it's just a little file editing.

Im gonna wait for the consumer version. This time I am actually gonna get it legally with the nice packaging :P

I think Microsoft is forcing (in some way) use of pirated software, better pirated Windows than free Linuks, or Office against Open Office. At least they are dominating in the world... who knows...

It will be interesting to see just how many bugs they've ironed out. The one that really got on my nerves was in PowerPoint, where in order to advance to the next slide after playing a video in the previous slide one needs to click the mouse. This caused some embarrassment during a couple of presentations I had...videos will start automatically but then if I try to advance to the next slide using either a wireless presenter or by pushing the arrow key on the keyboard nothing will happen. The mouse needs to be clicked in order to "wake up" the slideshow.....

Too bad bug reporting was closed by the time I realized this was a bug. I Tried every possible combination of settings more than once, on different videos and in different slide shows. Meh...

Even if they didn't squash this one out I'm still buying Office '07.

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