Microsoft Office 2007 RTM Screenshot Gallery

Monday morning at 9:00 EST, Microsoft announced that its long-awaited Office 2007 System was complete, setting the stage for a late November 2006 business rollout of the products and a wider consumer launch in January. Microsoft is touting Office 2007, in tandem with upcoming products such as Windows Vista and Exchange Server 2007, as the linchpin of a new round in corporate spending.

"We've crossed the development finish line, and the team deserves to celebrate," says Microsoft president Jeff Raikes , who oversees the company's Business Division. "The 2007 Microsoft Office system RTM completes the most significant improvements to the products in more than a decade. It's rewarding to be able to send this release off to our customers and help them take the next big leap forward in productivity."

Microsoft had previously announced its Office Technology Guarantee program, which allows customers who purchase new PC with Office 2003 preloaded between October 26, 2006 and March 15, 2007 to receive free or inexpensive upgrades to similar Office 2007 product versions. Details about these so-called cross-grades are available through PC makers.

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Finally, the final build is out!! =) I've been waiting for a stable build for so long.

To people who says it looks bloated, I don't really agree here. I find that it arranges the tools you need most as the bigger buttons and the ones you barely use as smaller and more buttons, very well organized to me.

Quote - advancedboy said @ #15
I like how he put the pictures in jpg form so they look like crap and are full of artifacts

Have you tried clicking them? they may have been shrunk to fit your browser window. Note that the only artefacts I see are of personal data being hidden.....

You must have bad eyes if you can't see the artifacts, or you haven't been treated with quality screenshots. :D
JPG is a lossy format, but the files can be pretty small - rather good for web use but the downside is the quality. He should've used PNG.

I'm camping out outside CompUSA. I'm dead serious.

Office 2007 is a blast to use. It makes writing papers and making PowerPoint presentations...dare I!
I've actually got a PowrPoint to do right now...

Excellent, I can't wait for that.

I don't have everything I want in it, like... the only thing I don't like is the fact that I cannot choose my custom color... so basically Office 2007 has everything I want and need (and more). The UI is almost perfect, so I won't waste my time on graphical stuff with it. It has some mistakes, but it's almost perfect.

The only weird thing really has to be Outlook 2007. I don't like their hybrid of old interface + new ribbon...

I Hope Outlook 2007 - is working faster then the Tech Refresh.

AnyWay - If it's RTM it's official right.

I want to grab a copy - MSDN Universal Account didn't have it yet.

I can't understand what it is with people skinning applications that don't need to be skinned. What is wrong with using the OS's default controls?

I understand the ribbon, and I think that's a great innovation, but what bugs me is the office button, and the menu on the titlebar. File, edit, view, etc., are established conventions, and obscuring them is going to confuse a lot of people.

If you want to use a ribbon, great. Please, leave a bar up above with a menu, or at least a file menu, so people know where to go to save their documents. If this takes up too much space, how about a 'find in document' search box on the right, or some classic toolbar buttons (save, load, copy, paste).

Just my thoughts...

I can't imagining my mom and dad getting used to that. They've been using Office since version 97 and IE for about as long.
Office 2007 and IE7 really takes a u-turn there, but humans are good at adaptation I heard. However old habits die hard...

Quote - Syntax Error said @ #6
i wonder what office for mac would look like..

That's what I'm waiting on. I haven't even seen a single screenshot yet.

Quote - Philip Hristov said @ #3.2
Because the first comment its likely to be red first.

it would be nice if the "first-posters" actually noted something worthwile in their first post ;)

anyway, i've been using office 2007 for a few months now, and i'll definately buy it, it's such a huge improvement compared with office 2003.

I liked it since I first saw it sometime last year. Congratulations Microsoft, we love you.

Because the first comment its likely to be red first.

Really? My comments usually show up in a sort of dark-blueish!! How strange...