Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 coming this month

Many people have been discussing of late the next version of Microsoft Office, aptly codenamed 'Office 14', so much that they may have forgotten that Microsoft is still looking after its current generation products. That's right, according to Ars Technica, Microsoft is going to release Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2007 this month, bring a range of improvements. You may remember recently that the Service Pack was leaked; well, this article is for those who stay on the right side of law.

There is an official blog post about this on the TechNet website, revealing some of the coming tweaks and features. Here's what they state:

Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Office System will be made available to Windows Server Update Services in April, classified as a service pack. Service Pack 2 includes some significant work, including: built-in ability to save as ODF & PDF formats, improvements to Outlook's performance and calendar reliability, significant bug fixes for charts in core Office applications, the ability for client service packs to be removed using an uninstall tool, and a host of customer-requested improvements to the Office Server products. It is also a rollup of all fixes that have previously been released for Office 2007 products. Additional information will be posted to the Office Sustaining Engineering blog later this month.

Keep an eye out for when this will be released, although it will most likely show up in Windows Update. If that's not the case, you can always visit Microsoft's Download Center to get your hands on it upon release to the public.

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I just hope that MS has fixed the bug in Outlook that prevents you from totally disabling the junk e-mail filter and which often fails to recognize the domains you have indicated as "safe." Running Outlook in "Safe" mode to bypass this bug is not a solution.

Sounds great and all. But what about this bit?

...including: built-in ability to save as ODF & PDF formats...

Won't MS get sued to kingdom come by Adobe for doing that? I recall it was originally built in till Adobe sued MS (and won) and it was made an addon. Have things changed since then??

Xerxes said,

Yeah I know you can download it, but it was originally built-in till Adobe sued MS. Have things changed that have allowed MS to add it back in as a built-in feature?

Yes, the PDF standard was released to the public. I believe it is under gpl or a similar licence now

ghostwind said,

Yes, the PDF standard was released to the public. I believe it is under gpl or a similar licence now

No, the PDF specification was given to ISO and has become an official standard - and as part of its ISO standard requirement, any tom, dick or harry can be compatible with it.

I can't even wait! I want to get the updates for outlook. Someone directed me torwards the link from MS to download the hotfix but it's password protected and the password provided(from MS) does not work.

Right now I've got over 400 MB of .MSP files in the UPDATE folder that MS has to tack on to the end of every install. It's convenient, but I miss the ability to integrate a service pack.

I too hope for integrated ISO's or patches that can be integrated using switches. It is a PITA to keep downloading and extracting patches. And the time-consuming part for the updates to finish is annoying...