Microsoft Office 365 for education now available

One year ago today, Microsoft officially announced Office 365, its cloud-based productivity software suite of tools, designed in part to compete against Google Docs. Today, Microsoft announced in a press release that a version of Office 365 is now available for K-12 and college students and faculty members. It will allow students and teachers to access Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Web Apps on Office 365 for free.

Microsoft has also announced that a number of higher education schools have already signed up for the free education version of Office 365, including Dartmouth College, Cornell University and Gonzaga University. Microsoft said that in total, over 12.5 million students worldwide can now access Office 365.

Microsoft also announced that a number of major businesses have signed up to use Office 365, including Lowe’s, Hallmark Cards, Japan Airlines, Burger King and Renner. Microsoft did not offer any info on exactly how many business users Office 365 now has. However, it did say that starting today it has added 46 new countries that can access Office 365, along with 11 new languages. The company said that Office 365 is now available in 88 markets and in 32 languages.

Source: Microsoft press release

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Not so fast, moving from Live@EDU means schools have to give up the SkyDrive (and its 7GB of storage) for 500 MB of SharePoint MySite storage space.

I know as a decision maker in a school board using Live@EDU for all staff and students, we are in NO hurry to move and give up the SkyDrive. (And I know we are not alone.)

Add to that that "MS Office Wave 15" will come to Office 365 by the end of the year, why would you train staff on a new interface, only to have re-train them on Wave 15? Professional Development Money is hard to come by, never mind the Change Management.

So it's live@edu with the cloud office apps? Since that basic package is free are they migrating it? Seems stupid having 2 brands that do pretty much the same thing