Microsoft opens 22nd store in Orlando, Florida

It's not quite time to start holiday shopping yet, but Microsoft has certainly been keeping busy with opening a new retail store locations ahead of the big fall and holiday shopping rush. Last week, Microsoft launched its Arlington, Virginia store and today the company did the same in Orlando, Florida at The Florida Mall.

The Microsoft Store Facebook page has images of the event, which is the 22nd brick-and-mortar location for the series of stores; nine more locations are listed as "coming soon" on the official Microsoft Store website.

Microsoft has the goal of having 44 Microsoft Store locations opened by mid-2013 and it also has plans to open up temporary "pop up" stores for the holidays this year; hiring for these stores has already begun in places like Manhattan, Chicago and others.

The Microsoft Store division will get its biggest test later this year as Microsoft will likely be selling a selection of Windows 8 desktops and laptops at those locations, along with Windows RT-based tablets, including its own Surface product. That's not to mention items such as Windows Phone 8-based smartphones, Xbox 360 consoles and games like Halo 4 and more.

Source: Microsoft Store Facebook page | Image via Microsoft

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Arpit said,
i wonder how profitable these retail stores are. would love to get some numbers on them

I doubt they're opening them more and more if all they're doing is losing money on them. It's not the same as a software product that doesn't take of, once that'd coded and the initial R&D spent there's no real cost with it (some minor distro costs maybe). Retail shops are different, they're costing you money each time you turn the lights on. I think MS taking their time and not rushing to open 100s of them shows that they're picking the locations and taking the costs into account.

Arpit said,
i wonder how profitable these retail stores are. would love to get some numbers on them

I think both the MS stores and the Apple stores are great. Wish I had one of each in my home town. Definitely would prefer to checkout new technology at an MS or Apple store than at a Best Buy, Target, or Walmart.

Not sure how profitable they are though.

Even if they are not profitable; they still mean advertising. Lots of people are at least looking at the store - even if they don't buy anything.

And if you have a nice looking store (Apple does have some pretty ones), many people all over the world will be talking about it.

So yes, I guess it's profitable if you calculate every aspect of having a store (in a big city).

Rohdekill said,
With the amount of money they have, why aren't these popping up like Walgreens did a few years back?

I am guessing that they are picking high profile locations as well as being conscious of not building across from Best buy et al. If they built one in NYC I think that I would visit the store every day at lunch.

I going to check out the Orlando Store in the future when our family go to visit our relatives when we're that way., I lived in Florida but is a bit far from where I live.

XX55XX said,
Boston store is opening on August 23rd. Should be a good launch. I will be there.

Yes, I want to go as well but might not have the free time.

I went to this store earlier today. The interior is nicer-looking than the Apple store but the products are nothing amazing. I will go back to the store when Windows 8 and Surface comes out.

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