Microsoft opens new store in Atlanta

Last weekend another Microsoft Store opened its doors to the public in Atlanta, Georgia. How many that attended the opening event is unclear but they were most definitely helped by the appearances of the American Idol finalists to promote the launch.

With Microsoft now having a presence in Lenox Square Mall it brings the total amount of stores open to nine. Most of the retail spaces themselves are located very close to competitor Apple, which some have argued is the most direct way of informing and potentially grabbing customers that would have otherwise gone to an Apple Store.

With the opening of the ninth store, it brings Microsoft's presence to the following locations:

  • Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Mission Viejo, Calif.
  • Lone Tree, Colo.
  • San Diego, Calif.
  • Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Bloomington, Minn.
  • Bellevue, Wash.
  • Costa Mesa, Calif.
  • Atlanta, Ga.

Microsoft is already planning the opening of its next few stores with two already confirmed to be launching in Los Angeles and Seattle with rumours of New York and Orlando too. The stores themselves offer a range of Microsoft products including software such as Windows 7, the Xbox 360 and the company's range of mice and keyboard equipment.

While Microsoft has clearly had some success in launching physical stores to sell their products, they still have a long way to go if they wish to fully compete with Apple who have 287 stores worldwide, 222 in the United States alone.

Image Credit: Microsoft Press Release

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London has more chance than Liverpool lol. We already have two Apple stores so a Microsoft store in a prime location would be great.

Arpit said,
good stuff, so long as it's profitable and not just 'breaking even'

Its not really supposed to be profitable on its own as much as it gives people more confidence is buying windows products because you can take it in there and get help anytime..

MrTwentyfour said,
They really need to work up one in Connecticut and New York. Oh, and Miami!

Yeah, more on the East coast for sure... Maybe King of Prussia PA. There's a space near the Apple store there... lol

norseman said,
Open one in Canada already! Downtown Toronto needs one!

and vancouver!.. The HP store here is hurting a bit with all the employees waiting for people.. It will be busy when the Touchpad comes out I guess..