Microsoft outlines Windows 7 Enterprise edition features

Microsoft has outlined the features that will be included in Windows 7 Enterprise Edition in a series of briefings to product reviewers. Windows 7 Enterprise edition will include support for scripted PowerShell commands for centralized management, help desk-friendly tricks and desktop virtualization options along with various other administration GUI tools.

The free set of Windows 7 tools to be included are based on PowerShell 2.0, which is currently in CTP and will include more than 500 scripts and 'commandlets' with PowerShell to take advantage of enhanced group policy controls. The scripts will help system administrators build and deploy tailored group policies that are easier to understand and manage.

Administrators can use PowerShell policy directives to push, multicast-style, immediate changes and updates to group policies to logged on users. These 'pushed' remote policy executables can perform rudimentary functions like adding network shares or applying regular updates as well as emergency operations such as closing ports to block zero-day vulnerabilities.

Help desk tricks will include:

  • Problem Steps Recorder
  • 'On-Demand' Diagnostics that can be loaded from policy-defined resources and locales
  • 3rd party application/component troubleshooting steps
  • Revamped Performance and State Monitoring through the addition of WinInternal application suite

Windows 7 Enterprise virtualization will have four possible configurations
  • Presentation virtualization (video, audio, keyboard & mouse)
  • Desktop virtualization (Hyper-V & Virtual PC)
  • Profile virtualization (user states and configuration)
  • Application virtualization (to allow application sandboxing - Execution of applications on external servers in a seamless fashion as though the application is running on the local machine)

More information about Windows 7 Enterprise is available here

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I am very pleased with these features, the Direct access is so far the most useful I can see for a network big or small. Problem step recorder also looks like it will cut problem response time, which is sweet. Now if they will port that to Vista and Xp I would happy as a pig in poop!

No, Windows 7 can be installed as virtual machine in either Hyper-V or Virtual PC in a Desktop Virtualization configuration.

That is correct, but Windows 7 includes PowerShell 2 with the new cmdlets.

Interestingly enough, in Windows 7 Ultimate Beta (Build 7000) PowerShell 2 is located in C:Windowssystem32PowerShellv1.0.

Terminal Services is another word for Remote Desktop. App Virt is the app appears to be running on your desktop (or laptop) but instead is actually running on some server somewhere on the network.

Additionally, Terminal Services has been renamed to Remote Desktop Services and is considered the Presentation Virtualization configuration.