Microsoft: Over 30 Windows 8 games planned for launch

For a while, Microsoft wasn't publishing any PC games but lately the company has offered titles such as the PC port of Fable III and the free-to-play PC exclusive games Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight. With the upcoming release of Windows 8, Microsoft says it wants to become even more involved in the PC gaming space.

In a new interview at Gameindustry International, Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer talks about the publisher's plans for Windows 8. He states:

We have a dedicated team inside of Studios that is focused on Windows. We have over 30 games at launch with a variety of genres, price points and business models. We have a steady flow of content that is coming out; I think Windows 8 is a huge opportunity for the company and gamers just to see new things get created.

Of course, a number of games have already been released on the Windows Store feature but they have tended to be mostly in the casual game space. Spencer hints strongly in the interview that we will see more free-to-play PC games coming from the company. He mentions World of Tanks from developer as an example of the kind of game that could show up from Microsoft. He says:

You see these games, and it is a great PC game, and they are able to get to scale with the business they attract. It is a healthy ecosystem and the launch of Windows 8 will push it forward. Diablo came out, League of Legends; you have some big things that are driving huge businesses for people on Windows, and we are going to be there in full force with Studios, there is no doubt about that.

Source: Gameindustry International

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I hope they have a good lineup but they do need to hurry up and show it off....

We know about Hydro Thunder, Wordament, Skulls of the Shogun so far.

I am personally hoping we get a cool RTS (age of empires online, halo wars, toy soldiers).... that is the one thing I actually think the touchscreen could be superior to mouse/kb.

WinA said,
Just give us Halo 4 for Windows 8 and we all will be happy

Metro is pretty Mobile focused, tablet games tend not to be gamepad focused like Halo 4 is.
Plus Metro apps must support ARM so you can pretty much rule that out anyways as most ARM platforms aren't going to cope well with the demands of Halo 4 even if it's significantly simplified from whats available in the 360 variant.

They could certainly do it on the desktop and forget tablets/ARM but pushing desktop gaming is the absolute last thing their likely to want.