Microsoft partners with DocuSign to add eSignature to Office 365

Business users of Office 365 will soon be able to download and use some new apps that should make the signing and storing of online documents easier. Today, Microsoft's announced a new partnership with DocuSign that will offer Office 365 users a way to download the company's eSignature apps from the Office Store.

Microsoft's press release says that the agreement with DocuSign will allow eSignature apps to be created specifically for the Office 365 platform, and they will integrate with Outlook, Word and SharePoint. The apps will appear in the Office Store sometime in early March and Microsoft will offer a demo of how they will work during the 2014 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas March 3-6; pricing for those apps was not announced.

Microsoft says that the Office 365-eSignature deal will "provide customers with the ability to submit and sign documents without leaving Microsoft applications, allowing them to quickly, seamlessly and confidently transact their business." Any online signatures will be automatically stored to Microsoft's OneDrive for Business service; DocuSign has supported Microsoft's SkyDrive service for storing signatures since November 2012. The two companies stated today they will "continue to collaborate to bring new innovations to customers on the Office 365 platform."

Source: Microsoft | Image via DocuSign

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Rohdekill said,
yeah, that's my question as well. Odds are, it will be out of reach (cost wise) to the average consumer.

what makes you say that? From memory its 24 pounds per year fir SharePoint and Skydrive Pro. That's about 36 of your earth dollars

36.00 a year for the sole purpose of gathering a signature is too much. The average consumer may only need to use it 6 times. You willing to pay $6.00 instead of a .10 print, sign and scan for your rarely needed signature capture?

also, keep in mind, anyone can save a Word doc to pdf, send it and the other person could electronically sign it for FREE already, via adobe reader. The only thing this does is alleviate the need to convert to pdf. In my mind, that's worth maybe a one time $9.99 cost.

This is really cool! Office always had the ability, but now that it's extensible to DocuSign it gives more flexibility. Love it!