Microsoft pay-per-use PC Model rejected

Microsoft recently submitted a patent application for pay-per-use computing as previously reported on Neowin; that application has already been rejected by the patent office.

A letter was given to Microsoft privately before the public was made aware of the reasons behind the rejection of the patent. The rejection was based that the idea was "too broad" and "the tendency to use vague terms and the existence of already patented, relevant technology"

This rejection may put a stop to Microsoft's plan to help lower the cost of purchasing a computer by using a pay-per-use business model. This plan would also help to benefit those who do not need a computer for long periods of time or persons that only occasionally use the computer.

Microsoft can appeal the decision and also has the opportunity to resubmit the patent application. Even if Microsoft doesn't acquire the patent this does not bar them from using the pay-per-use model.

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