Microsoft posts Xbox One unveiling video for your replay enjoyment

Microsoft has posted the Xbox One unveiling video to YouTube that was first shown off during the Xbox One event, held earlier today. The video gives you a closer look at the new console, next-generation Kinect and the reworked controller.

In addition to new hardware, Microsoft showed off some of the new games coming to the Xbox One, including Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break, and a range of titles from EA Sports, while in-game Skype video calls were also previewed.

We should note that the video does not contain another Microsoft staple - dubstep - which is a trend that we're delighted to see has been tossed aside. Other than that, take a look at the video above for a closer look at the new console and a few of its features.

Source: YouTube

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I have never owned an xbox or PS or any console for that matter; but, I am excited about this product. Microsoft is really using this platform as an entertainment integration center. The combination of the ability to browse the Internet, watch TV (and movies) play music, and make Skype calls all from a single device is truly revolutionary. Especially when you consider that the navigation between services is done using gestures via Kinect. Oh, and I guess it plays games too.

No matter - my curiosity is peaked. I am currently using a Mac Mini in my living room to view downloadable content and browse the Internet. The xbox One (great name by the way) could potentially be my next entertainment center upgrade.

looks ok. Will fit in home theatre. Not super exciting design. Love the controller as always. Wish it was only 1 piece though.

Kinect portion wouldn't work very well sitting inside of a home theater setup.. so I can't see how that would be even in the thought process.

Just commenting on the main design. Looks good in a Home theatre setup, which his where it will be in any case. Could go on top shelf. That's not really related to the fact that I wish it was only 1 piece.

I have a Kinect now and would just rather not deal with multiple pieces of hardware/boxes, cables, etc. May be time to start building Kinect's in to TVs, if it will fit.

it simply looks like the best single device to be my media hub, one device and one remote (my phone, or voice, or hands).

Is it me or does the new controllers look like a hybrid between the 360 and the original duke controllers? Man I loved those.

that reveal was much better then the PS4 one in my opinion.. the PS4 had way to much fluff about how great it was.. and the guy was creepy as hell the entire time.. This one got straight to the point and actually showed some applications of its use..

The ps4 console hasn't even been revealed yet, a mistake IMO. The ps4 conference was boring, had streaming issues and nothing surprising. It wasn't worth watching and I didn't even watch it all the way through. Sony is doing a terrible job showing off there console so far IMO

I hope they change things up.

Well I was really excited, and now that i've seen it i'm really underwhelmed. Hopefully the E3 stuff will be more interesting....

How can you honestly be underwhelmed... seriously..?? Don't just say "i'm underwhelmed" but actually back it up with SOMETHING. I mean, what where you expecting?

I was really disappointed with The dash. I was hoping for a revamp. It looks to similar to the 360 dash. Also wanted cross-platform apps, no sign of them.

tytytucke said,
I was really disappointed with The dash. I was hoping for a revamp. It looks to similar to the 360 dash. Also wanted cross-platform apps, no sign of them.

The dash looked completely revamped/clean... and there was an apps tab at the top. e3 is around the corner.. so is build

I was amazed at how they have integrated the media functions and live TV control, the game aspect is basically a given that both the xbox one and PS4 will be again on par with each other, so the things that separate are media control and exclusives, with exclusives being saved for E3 and the media stuff being revolutionary IMO!

Being able to use one device to control the others and have such fast switching between live TV, apps, music, games, guide etc. No more multi remote fumbling, hello entertainment hub!

I think it was a shower of sh*t and the most underwhelming reveal I have ever seen and here is why:
1) One new unique game shown- the rest were rehashes/pre-rendered trailers that are either multiplatform or the multiple entry in the franchise
2) The specs are underwhelming especially compared to the PS4- slow ram, (likely slower GPU going off leaked specs), Same processor that has to contend with not one, not two but three OS's imagine how much that eats into processing power that could be used for games. There were rumours that the OS ate up 3GB ram and 3 cores it is easy to see why now.
3) Kinect crap bundled in with it- more expensive crap that I do not want or need yet am forced to have pushing up cost of the device.
4) Tv rubbish that is pointless. Big whoop it has an EPG so does my TV from 2000.
5) TV rubbish that clearly has no relevance for me as I do not live in the US. Oh great unprecedented relationship with NFL. I do not give a crap about this.
6) No comment on always online. used games leading me to think that they might be true rumours.
7) No backwards compatibility, this device is the One. Shame it is not the one to play all the XBLA titles I have purchased.
8) Ridiculous focus on COD- who cares at this point it looks the same as the last 20.

Positives- new game from remedy, E3 showing cannot possibly be worse right?

They have clearly lost sight of what made the xbox and the 360 such great devices and as someone who brought both and several 360 replacements this is the last straw.

Underwhelmed.. it can read your f&*king heartbeat. and that's just one feature.. I swear you people are either unrealistic or just out to lunch.. Out of all the next gen consoles.. this one has the most potential..

mattacular said,
I think it was a shower of sh*t and the most underwhelming reveal I have ever seen and here is why:

Here is why I think everything you said is lame

1. is typical of announcements. Everyone knows the real bread and butter is E3

2. It's easy to see how people who don't have a clue would jump to this conclusion. The fact is, the hardware choices are slightly different but they're both engineered systems. GDDR3 vs 5 is differing speeds, but MS chose a different memory controller which may alleviate the bottekneck that the PS4 is just trying to brute force at a higher cost. Also, the parallel OS functionality is awesome and its not really hindering much as the hypervisor is small and the OS is small - the ability to multitask so well out of the box is an answer to many concerns of the slowness apparent in the current dashboard.

3. Personal preference.. i'll let this slide. Its just funny you choose to ignore the benefits of the technology and other features available.

4. HUge feature, and if the PS4 won't do it, I won't get it.

5. Mattrick said TV functionality will be in 41 countries at launch

6. Microsoft already clarified used game and always on support here.

7. For disk games, Neither will PS4.. we don't know for sure about the XBLA games though.

8. Hardly..

9. ?

10. Maybe for you, but this console answers everything I knew was coming when I started with the original xbox years ago. I *KNEW* this was the end game, I just wasn't expecting it to be so SWEET

Sounds like you just buy into all the negative hype without looking into it for yourself.

@mattacular: You clearly have no clue... at all.

1. MS said previously they wouldn't be showing much games. They are clearly aiming to do more than just games with Xbox One. They'll be showing games at E3.

2. Underwhelming specs? What are you on? & I don't believe they have specifically stated the speed of the RAM. Do you seriously think the PS4 is "spec-ed" as it is, just for games?

3. No one is forcing you to do anything. It would be incredibly stupid of Microsoft not to bundle the Kinect, it's a specific move to encourage developers to utilize it's unique features.

4/5. I have no real interest or use for it either, but just to say it's rubbish because it's not relevance to YOU is pretty dumb.

6. THERE IS NO ALWAYS ONLINE that was a ridiculous rumor from the start. & it's been confirmed. There is, though, a form of used games DRM.

7. There is no reason you should have expected backwards compatibility for either next-gen machine. they completely different architecture, it be ridiculous to expect them to emulate the old machines.

8. What do you mean "Who cares?" The millions who play COD care... I mean are you living under a rock? What ever you think of COD as a game, it sells.

spudtrooper said,
How can you honestly be underwhelmed... seriously..?? Don't just say "i'm underwhelmed" but actually back it up with SOMETHING. I mean, what where you expecting?

Many apologies for not detailing all of the reasons for my reactions, but here ya go (all thoughts my own, YMMV)
Console looks like the old Phillip CDi player from the 90's
Controller looks like a halfway point between the original "Duke" controller and the newer 360 pad, but without the flair of either. The detailing on the edge of the thumb sticks looks nice though and will hopefully allow for even greater precision.
I have zero interest in sports.
I've had an HTPC for 10 years - internet/skype/gaming/tv at once could be amazing for the majority of people, but it doesn't add anything to what I can do already.
No backward compatibility (according to Wired's exclusive look) - yes I will be keeping my old 360, but just like my poor deceased Dreamcast it will one day fail, and I'll be stuck with a ton of coasters.
According to Wired there is a strong possibility that the game you bu will be tied to your account - want to lend to a friend, or play a game that a spouse/child has got registered to there account will require an unlocking fee. Hopefully this is flat out wrong, or is going to be changed before release.
Quantum Break looked staggeringly awful to my eyes, not sure how other people felt.
Graphics looked good, but nothing gob-smacking, as I said - hopefully there'll be more to see at e3.
500gb HDD is a bit small in this day and age, hopefully I will be user upgradable, and we won't be massively overcharged again for a standard drive in a bespoke case.

I love Microsoft stuff, have had all of their home OS's since Dos 5, 2 xbox's, 2 360's and have had a number of Windows Phones over the last 10 years - so believe me, I'm not just one of the usual M$ haterz brigade that are so prevalent, but I just didn't feel enthused by this presentation. Hopefully e3 will change things for the better, or Sony's stock will climb higher than it already has done since tonight's reveal.

spudtrooper said,
The dash looked completely revamped/clean... and there was an apps tab at the top. e3 is around the corner.. so is build

"The Dashboard will be a simplified version of the current Xbox 360 Dashboard."

If you compared the too of them, they are more similar than they are different. I wanted a experience similar to Windows 8/wp8, not the last-gen Xbox. Also