Microsoft Prepared To Remove Media Player

In an effort to settle its anti-trust dispute with the European Union, Microsoft is reportedly ready to remove Windows Media Player as a standard component of their Windows operating system.

In reports out of Europe over the weekend, Microsoft would use the removal of WMP from Windows as a means to reduce or eliminate the $613 million fine imposed by the EU earlier this year.

Meanwhile RealNetworks, creators of WMP rival RealPlayer, is prepared to fight any reductions to Microsoft' imposed penalty. A spokesperson for RealNetworks commented that the penalties imposed on Microsoft by the EU "are appropriate" and that there is no reason why the EU's initial ruling on the subject "should be further delayed."

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So maybe we should take everything out of windows. Screw calculator and the firewall and notepad and wordpad and paint and everything else.

I like having my OS have this functionality right there, out of the box.

As far as WMP dying cause of Windows Media, that's bull. Firstly, WMV is awesome. Second, the player plays most of the typical files a more generic user would play.

Well said...

Basic functionality is what an operating system is all about. I still maintain that Windows is as popular as it is because you can perform 99% of daily tasks without any additional software. I also attribute the very low adoption rate of Linux to the same thing. What kind of home-oriented user is going to sit there, compile his own distro, install the OS, then try to find every damn piece of software he wants, IF that piece of software even exists for that platform.

I say, people like the guys at RealNetworks and MusicMatch are jellous. They know that their product is technically inferior to things like WMV, WMP, MSN Messenger, Office etc. The reason Microsoft has a monopoly is because they did something right!