Microsoft project puts Windows 8 on Facebook cover photos

Facebook may not want to jump in and make an official app for Windows 8, but Microsoft certainly wants to help Facebook users put something Windows 8 related on their Facebook account. Today, the company announced that the Windows team has come forward with a way to show their Windows 8 love on their Facebook cover photo.

The Next at Microsoft blog reveals the details of the Windows 8 cover screen photo app, which can be accessed via Facebook. Basically, the app looks into your Facebook account and then loads up information on your friends, photos and "likes". It then generates an image from that data that looks like a Windows 8 Start screen which can be used for a new cover photo.

The blog adds, "It’s fast and easy and has a degree of customization so you can pick and choose which photos and apps appear in certain tiles." Obviously, this means the app will need your permission to access your Facebook information so if you are squeamish about offering that kind of info, you might want to stay away.

There's still no word on when, or even if, we will get some kind of official Facebook app for Windows 8. Microsoft might create its own app for the OS, as it did for Windows Phone.

Source: Next at Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Worked very quickly for me, so maybe any lag is now fixed. You can also change what it shows manually after it generates a view, a nice idea.

Took forever for it to generate a cover that had absolutely nothing to do with my profile. o_O

nyolc8 said,
I just press win+printscreen on my startscreen then set the image to cover photo... I don't get the point...

If you read the article you'd realize that it uses info directly from your Facebook Photos and likes to create an image that ressembles Windows 8 but is not your actual Windows 8 Start Screen.
Also you don't need to have Windows 8 to use it.

Feels like its been 500 years I might be over exaggerating its probably 600 years long before it creates a cover photo. I'm still waiting, the damn ring of dots is blinking for eternity. IDK what the final result will be, but it just killed any interest I had for it. I really wanted to put this as my cover photo cause I love the Microsoft Design Styling.

Tyler R. said,
Looks...meh....I'd be cool if it could update in real time all your friends, latest post, etc.

Yeah, it would be cool if Facebook would allow flash video in the cover photo...oh wait, no, that'd suck. Be glad you're stuck with a static image. The last thing we need is Facebook to turn into MySpace in 2006..there's a reason we all left.