Microsoft promises continued updates for Surface RT and Surface Pro

Since the launch of the Surface RT tablet in October and the Surface Pro tablet in February, Microsoft has offered monthly software updates for both devices. However, we have noted that some owners are still experiencing issues with connecting to WiFi networks. Surface Pro owners have also been dealing with issues in using the included stylus in some Windows 8 programs such as Photoshop.

Today, the official Surface blog posted an update which went over some of the software improvements that have been made to both tablets, as well as Windows 8 and Windows RT in general. As far as future updates, Microsoft did address the WiFi and stylus issues in the blog post, stating:

When we started working on Surface we put the customer experience at the heart of all that we did. That is still true today and as such, over the coming months, you’ll continue to see updates and improvements made available to both Surface RT and Surface Pro customers. This includes further updates to the wireless system to reduce the instances where Limited Connectivity is reported as well as an update to the Surface Pen driver to enable pressure functionality in Adobe Photoshop with Surface Pro.

The blog also admitted that there is no current update on when the Surface Pro tablet will be made available outside the US and Canada, stating, "Please rest assured that while we don’t have anything specific to share right now, we’ll let you know in a follow-up blog post just as soon as we do."

Source: Surface blog

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keeping the balance here. I love my Surface RT and I am happy about the news. I had only one issue with it (light leak in middle of screen) but was able to exchange it in MS Store without issues after three months use. It can even do things the iPad cannot. I am able to connect my CAC reader for gov exchange email access. I've given power point presentations without issues at conferences etc. One plus for me is Office 2013 and the ability to work on presentations and publications without switching to some third party program.

Too late for me unfortunately, sold mine last weekend. After owning it for 3-months I've given up with it. Shame as the Surface does have potential but for me internet explorer, the lack of apps and the awful touch cover where proving very frustrating. I wanted to give it a chance but ultimately my 11" MacBook Air and iPad mini are better mobile companions.

Yeah but the App updates don't fix the things I don't like about it! If anything they've made it worse as they've completely removed Google Calendar support now.

I bought it because I wanted to try one out and thought they looked cool but ended up disappointed.

J400uk said,
Yeah but the App updates don't fix the things I don't like about it! If anything they've made it worse as they've completely removed Google Calendar support now.

Blame google for getting rid of EAS.

Wifi problem can be solved (sort of) with the registry trick about 40mhz use and band restriction (can be found on a search engine) with Wifi restricted to g type wich is, in fact, largely usuable... but I agree, this is not a real solution.

They better, still waiting for that accessory that will take advantage of the extra contacts on the Surface Pro.

icwhatudidthere said,
Lol, I'd like for the current contacts to work consistently so I don't have to constantly reconnect my keyboard.

I have to reconnect on 2 surfaces here at work when the Surface comes out of sleep mode. The KB doesnt work.

Lead Wirst said,
I wonder if EC has anything to do with MS not being to quick about releasing products in EU... Eva wonda?

Don't think so, since there is no supply anywhere in the world except US/Canada.

Slowly giving up on a Surface Pro in Europe :-(
At the time they arrive in the EU, the next gen CPU version will be out in the US :-\
With support for WInTab apps....

Would be a bit odd if Microsoft didn't. Not to mention it would pretty much destroy their image and credibility after the whole Windows Phone 7/7.8 debacle.

That wifi issues needs to go away. It is far less persistent, however "newbies" are often thrown to the wolves on this one, as the one thing they want to do, CONNECT, is turned in to a big task.