Microsoft Promotion: make MSN Your Homepage & Win a Zune

How badly does Microsoft want to promote the Zune? Not badly enough to think of anything particularly ingenious. Unique? yes. Succesful? No. Apparently, Microsoft has decided that every user who sets MSN as their home page will be entered to win one of 50 Zunes. Step one: set your home page to MSN. Not using Internet Explorer? No problem, Microsoft has a page that explains how to do it in Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari. Step two: enter your e-mail address so that you can be contacted ... if you win. Of course you can change it right back (or not change it at all?), but Microsoft hopes the majority of users will fall in love with the site right away. Sure, many people will enter the contest and avoid MSN for the rest of their lives, but many fools will be convinced that keeping MSN as their home page will get them a Zune, someday. What are the chances that those ignorant people even know what a Zune is?

Giving away free Zunes? Sure, that gets them off the shelves. Microsoft seems confident that if they get enough units into circulation, the devices may start raising eyebrows. Someone should tell Microsoft that a first generation product never gets far in a saturated market. Oh yeah, and free Zunes don't generate much revenue. It probably comes down to advertisements on MSN's page. I guess the company just wants to push this model for as long as they can, before they start shelling out new ones. Instead of bothering with this useless marketing move, they could go ahead and hire more engineers and think of something to beat the clickwheel. But why do that when you can do something that needs less effort? Oh well, this may actually do some good. Maybe some users won't have spyware sites as their home page anymore.

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Change your home page to msn? - why? using Firefox all i had to do was click the not using IE link and then hide the popup window and hey presto it lets you enter your email address without even changing it!

Go Firefox!

Ugh, no way! Not for a Zune, not for an iPod, not for anything I can think of!

"Not using Internet Explorer? No problem, Microsoft has a page that explains how to do it in Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari."

Let me tells you where to get a free copy of Internet Explorer?

The best thing about it is that you don't actually need to change your homepage to msn, you only have to press the link to change it and then enter the sweepstakes (at least that's how it works in Gran Paridiso Firefox beta).

It's a good idea, but the sole purpose is to get a few out there hoping to make some sales, it's not going to work. Personally I think they've came into the market too late and it'll take a few years for it to hit off :). When someone says "I want an mp3 player" the first thing that comes to mind is the iPod, barely anyone knows about the Zune, they need a better reputation.

No instructions on how to change my homepage in Konqueror? Anyway I like my spyware homepage thank you very much!

win an iPod... wow...
... almost all of which can do what a Zune can do....
... but do what a Zune can do is not an iPod too...

Agt. Smith said,
win an iPod... wow...
... almost all of which can do what a Zune can do....
... but do what a Zune can do is not an iPod too...

eh? Can you say that without turning it into a song?

The new doesn't look that good, the new NineMSN page looks not too bad though (NineMSN is the MSN homepage for Australia for those who dunno) I dunno why the NineMSN one never seems to follow the design of the other MSN homepages :P

Simple, NineMSN is only 50% owned by Microsoft, with the other 50% belonging to the Channel Nine TV Network. If Nine refuse to use the MSN look, Microsoft have to agree.

Sounds like a decent marketing plan to me.
What are they going to do with the second gen ones? Smaller, more ergonomic case... and then what?
1st gen's are capable of far more features than they have enabled now, so maybe get some more gen one's out (free), get more feedback, roll out free firmware / function updates, word of mouth re-market with updated features and some advertising, sell more, get more feedback, more features, redesign the shell (plastic casing), the interface and increase the storage capacity.
Poof- gen two.

Krome said,
Sounds like a brain-wash market plan to me.

Yes... follow the Apple mantra: "Think Different."
Repeat after Apple:
"Think Different."
"Think Different."
"Think Different."

im in canada and i already have alot of people ready to throw out thier ipods for a zune after playing around with mine.

Slimy said,
Where'd you get a Zune in Canada?

Hmm, you were able to get one from Canada Computers. I just checked and now it is not on their website. Also TigerDirect was selling them when they launched but when they realized it was US only they removed it.

You can get one from the EBGames website which ships to US and Canadian addresses.

They need to work on the product, I agree. It's something, but it's not something amazing, and you need something amazing to take over the market, not just a first-gen product that pretty much relies on iPod haters.

I definitely see potential in the Zune, but it needs work. And does it support OS X? Why would they give instructions for Safari if it doesn't?