Microsoft pulls four planned patches

Microsoft has pulled four bulletins from its announced list of Patch Tuesday fixes, but did not specify why it was backpedaling on the security releases. It now plans to issue four security bulletins on Tuesday, rather than the eight originally announced, the software giant said Friday in an updated notice on its Web site.

Three bulletins will contain fixes for Office, at least one of which will be rated "critical," Microsoft said. Critical vulnerabilities typically can allow a worm to spread or allow a Windows system to be fully compromised with minor or no interaction from the person using it. The fourth bulletin, for Windows, is also tagged critical.

On Thursday, Microsoft listed eight bulletins it intended to issue next week in its monthly patch cycle. It appears to have pulled two bulletins for Windows, one for Visual Studio and one for Office. These patches will now likely be released on a future Patch Tuesday.

The company sometimes deviates from the Patch Tuesday advance notification. Last month, for example, it issued one more security bulletin than it had said it would. It has also dropped bulletins, citing quality issues. However, it has never before pulled four bulletins.

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News source: ZDNet

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adversedeviant said,
only issuing 4? sloppy.

why sloppy?

you'd rather have buggy security fixes and have your system crash then not have them?

I'm not saying thats why they are pulled, but that could be one of the reasons.

People need to shut their mouths or keyboards when they feel the need to out-burst with random sloppyness comments for no apparent reason and no facts to back their stupidity.

Actually mods, please delete the parent comment above this one, so we can begin the comments on this artical troll free.

foxconn287 said,
Most mods here are anti-MS fanboys anyways so the chance of that happening is 0

That's a BS comment

Most of the mods I've seen our Pro-MS. Then the rest seem to be Pro-Linux. And none seem to come off as a fanboy of either of the OS's.

Nothing sloppy about this.

They might have caught issues with those 4 updates and pulled them instead of issuing them and having to bring out patch v2 next month and patch v3 the month after that.

Give Microsoft some credit. They're trying to get things done faster now and with better quality.

adversedeviant said,
screw you its called an opinion and you don't need facts to back that up

Just admit you have nothing to base your opinion on at all except that 4 is less than the 8 previously announced. Don't worry, it won't make you look any dumber.

I hope this means that MS is starting to look at their patches a little more closely. They don't need another round of patches that breaks more than fix stuff.

I agree, I can think of 2 or 3 patches in the last couple of years that caused more problems than they solved. I'm glad they're doing very thorough testing and pulling at the slightest hint of problems. In a large corporation with thousands of machines, a buggy patch can cause major :eek: problems .

BriFi said,
It seems like every MS article I read they use the word "software giant". Seriously, we get it. :rolleyes:

Would you rather us use "The Vole"? :P

Fred Derf said,

Would you rather us use "The Vole"? :P

why not just microsoft. or are you posters planning on saying Apple "way behind in the race giant" in every article

thagame said,
why not just microsoft. or are you posters planning on saying Apple "way behind in the race giant" in every article

They are obviously trying to say monopoly with actually saying it. Why would you involove crApple in this?

What's wrong with using 'software giant'?

If they add 'Microsoft' instead of software giant, it'll be a grand total of 5 times 'Microsoft' (title included).
Not using the same word all the time, makes your text better.

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