Microsoft pulls Office for Mac 2011 SP2 update

On Monday, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 users were able to download a new update for the software suite. The upgrade focuses largely on the Outlook email client with a number of new features. However, Microsoft has now admitted that some people who downloaded the update have experienced issues related to corrupted identity databases.

Later on the week, Microsoft posted up word that it had created workarounds for this problem. One of them fixes issues before a person downloads the SP2 patch while the other deals with the problems after a person installs the SP2 update.

Now it appears the problems are affecting more Office for Mac 2011 users than first thought. Late on Friday, Microsoft announced that it was pulling the SP2 patch from its Microsoft AutoUpdate system. The patch is still available to download manually.

Microsoft added:

We encourage you to either wait for the AutoUpdate, or follow the directions in the above blog post before manually updating to ensure you don’t experience issues. We will provide an update once we have more information to share.

The SP2 update includes new Outlook features such as Sync performance with the Exchange server and some performance improvements while deleting multiple items. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have also all received performance improvements in this update.

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I would love to know what the performance improvements are because it's still as laggy as ever on my macbook. I've ran the upgrade and my outlook is fine though, i prefer it over mail app. I hate the way Mail app groups each folder of different accounts under the same heading.. Outlook lists both accounts separate.. when using i was sending mail from wrong accounts.

Office 2011 has got to be the worst Microsoft release of all time, particularly Outlook for Mac (which is really still Entourage as it is incompatible with Outlook for Windows). Each update fixes one thing and breaks another. Sync Services still doesn't work. Word has a nasty corrupting bug where the whole doc turns into stars and need to restore from backup on an unpatched Office 2011, and the Autoupdate isn't as seedless as Apple Software Update, nor is there a high degree of trust in Microsoft updates anyway. I can't believe how they can charge extra for this Outlook rubbish when the simple Apple Mail app does a much better job, it is much more reliable.

Also Outlook for Mac can't import/export/read PST files for an easy transition from Windows, in fact you can't export your mail to another client AT ALL so you are locked in, not even if you copy to an IMAP folder - you will lose your date stamps. I found a way to convert to MBOX using EagleFiler to get someone off Outlook for Mac 2011

In Lion, I hate how if you hid the toolbar in Excel, using Comand+Option+T, hitting it again doesn't bring it back. Also the full cree support is very lacking.

I worked on a major issue with MS, related to Outlook 2011 sending encrypted mail messages to Outlook 2010 mail clients and them not being able to read them. SP2 was going to changing how Outlook 2011 was handling encrypted mail messages, a compete fundamental change to the SMIME subsystem, elimination of the old system and functionality because of the lack of proper certificate support by MAC OS X.

Neobond said,
Does this also have anything to do with Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (KB2553323) Take a look here: http://social.technet.microsof...07d9-4296-9f6f-64a3c6881599 I had to uninstall it anyway, and everything worked again.

It screwed up the authentication for Exchange on clients in a domain, so might not actually have anything to do with it

I know how SP's can obliterate stuff,.... case in point a person I was assisting on ExpertsExchange (server 2008 R2 and windows xp and 7 clients) had their AD fried because of SP1 and lots of other GPO stuff.... he ended up having to redo the entire server.... we tried so many things it dragged on for a loooong time...

Ugh even in a small environment like mine I can't imagine having to set that up from scratch again! I'm not an early adopter of SP updates, so hopefully by the time I install it, the kinks are worked out!

Neobond said,
Ugh even in a small environment like mine I can't imagine having to set that up from scratch again! I'm not an early adopter of SP updates, so hopefully by the time I install it, the kinks are worked out!

Yeah it sucked... He had no control over it though his boss called the shots on that one... this is why you should test on dev network before you roll it out over live... they rolled it over live without any testing... His boss just told him to "do it" and that's that...