Microsoft quietly kills OneDrive groups

Up until recently, Microsoft's OneDrive platform would allow you to create groups that could then be utilized by multiple users to collaborate on projects. The storage for the document-centric group would be separate from your standard OneDrive storage - but alas, groups appears to be dead.

If you head over to, you will see that you can no longer create a new group, but the good news here is that if you have an existing group, your documents are fine and you can continue to use the platform as before. The notification about the shutdown was found on an Answer forum.

We have reached out to Microsoft to see what the official word is on the death of groups but seeing as it has already been scaled back, we don't expect it to return anytime soon.

Microsoft's OneDrive platform has quickly become the company's centerpiece for cloud connectivity with the service being made available on every major OS and smartphone platform. With apps aplenty and deep integration into Windows-based devices, OneDrive is Microsoft's answer to having your documents always at your fingertips. 

[Update] Per Microsoft, users are still able to share content with 'Shared' folders, and users can still invite new contacts to existing OneDrive groups.

Source: Microsoft | Thanks for the tip ians18

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We started using a group to share family photos amongst our extended family. However, it had a space limit. So we set up a specific OneDrive account for the family and shared a folder with everyone. This way we could obtain more space and share it all (photos and a OneNote notebook).

I think we also set up a group though so that we could have a group mailing list. Send an email to one address and it auto forwards to the whole family.

My family used one drive in the same fashion and it was a great way of sharing photos and videos. This also kept the files private which facebook and similar services do not do will.

If I were hazard to guess. This is likely a solution to perhaps a security concern. Lets not forget there was an exploit with Dropbox dealing with sharing files in a similar capacity.

I have used groups for years to share photos/videos/files to my family. I'm glad the old groups are still working. I never thought it was a "key feature" that users wanted but I did not think they would just dump it. They have another feature/pay piece planned.

siah1214 said,
Never even heard of this...

Yea, sadly unappreciated. But it is/was a great Google Groups alternative hopefully they can execute it in a way more users will use it.