Microsoft Re-releases Powerpoint Patch

Microsoft re-released one of its Aug. 11 security updates yesterday, explaining that it had posted an incomplete version to its own download center last week. Users who manually downloaded MS08-051 since Aug. 12 to patch Office 2003 should obtain the second version as soon as possible. Fortunately, users who obtained the update via Windows Update or through their company's Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server, or who updated other versions of Office, do not need to reinstall MS08-051.

That update patched three vulnerabilities in PowerPoint, including one that Microsoft labeled "critical." According to the revised bulletin published Thursday, the PowerPoint 2003 patches originally posted to Microsoft's Download Center were the wrong versions. "While these versions did protect against the vulnerabilities discussed in the bulletin, they lacked other important security and reliability updates," Microsoft said in the revamped MS08-051.

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Not on the Update Server! With more careful reading, one would have learned that the Update Server has the correct patch. The one on Windows Download was the one that was too green.

How does one accidentally sign alpha/beta binaries as production-ready and then put them on an update server?

Also, the article mentions the patch lacking other updates... I don't like that MS rolls several updates into one patch. They don't clearly describe what the patches do, and the patches actually patch multiple things, making it hard for regression testing as well as you don't know what's going on with your system and that's never good for an admin.