Microsoft readies Zune Firmware Update 2.3

The Microsoft Zune team plans to soon release firmware version 2.3 for the portable multimedia device. The download isn’t up yet, but I’ll be updating this newspost when it does go up. The update is not a major one, meaning no new features will be added. It does, however, address a battery issue that a minor amount of Zune 30 and Zune 80 users have been experiencing. More specifically, the problem occurs when users suspend their Zune hard drives by holding down the play/pause button – in some cases the battery continues to drain. The firmware update will also reportedly improve device recognition as well as stability and reliability during syncing (both wirelessly and while connected to a PC). Update: Download is available. Thanks .AlleymaN!

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Sounds like BS to me. I have had issue after issue with Adobe Reader since I got VISTA. Have been waiting for Adobe to update Reader but that update has failed to show up and VISTA has been out since November last year.

Don't be so sure that the problem is wiht the Zune software and not with Adobe itself.

Anyone know if this fixes the issue with Adobe Illustrator? Apparently, the Zune causes Illustrator to act up, I had to talk with an Adobe Tech to find this out and the solution was to uninstall all the Zune software and drivers until MS fixed it.

I was getting fed up with the battery thing myself, glad to hear that it was a bug and not the device. I am new Zune user so didn't know either way. It was getting so bad that leaving it in "Sleep" overnight would drain the battery.

Same here. I had bought one for my mom but after it draining the batter so fast I decided to take it back last Sunday as I had no idea if there was going to be a fix or how long it would take. I just couldn't dump something like that on her to deal with. So she now has an iPod instead. I would have waited if they said something official like they were correcting it instead of just telling people to try shutting it off using the back button and down button combo thing which was borked.