Microsoft redesigns Facebook beta app for Windows Phone, adds video upload

Microsoft has overhauled the design of its Facebook app for Windows Phone, bringing an entirely new interface as well as the ability to finally upload videos to the social network.

The update, which brings the app to version 5.3, also brings a significant speed improvement, making it quicker to switch from the news feed to notifications and other areas, as well as several small button and feature animations that fit well within the smartphone operating system. Microsoft's full listing of changes for the app is as follows:

  • Updated design
  • Improved performance
  • Video upload
  • Support for additional languages

Users now have the ability to quickly find people and pages thanks to the addition of a search button at the top of the app's interface; next to that feature is a button for the friends list, located to the right of the screen, similar to the current non-beta version of the app. Below those buttons lies a row of icons for the news feed, friend requests, messages, notifications and more options; users can flip through these sections by swiping to the left or right.

The new video upload feature can be found on the app's menu bar at the bottom. That bar features a button to update statuses, upload photos or videos, and check in at locations. When pressing the photo or video button, the user will be prompted to select one of the two media options before proceeding.

Microsoft's Facebook beta app, which requires Windows Phone 8 or newer, can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store here.

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Does it take less than 10 minutes to upload a photo that will fail 9 of 10 times now...

If the app uploaded as efficient as the old built in function I wouldn't complain.

Dot Matrix said,
I wonder if this means a redesign is coming for the Windows 8 app as well?

Microsoft makes the Facebook app for Windows Phone; Facebook makes its own app for Windows 8.

Yeah, which probably means they're NOT going to redo it but who knows? I don't like that it's using basically a expanded version of the smartphone UI, it feels a bit off to me. Really I wish I could make the feed bigger in size, the text and so on.

Really like this app. I wasn't in the Beta program but the Beta is available to me. Normally I couldnt find it when I searched for it (maybe its because I'm on 8.1). So for me this is a huge upgrade. The app is much faster and looks better as well. It sticks closer to the design language of the rest of the OS.

evacc44 said,
I'm not seeing this update for the Facebook or Facebook Beta app. I wonder why?

I couldn't find it either but I went over to John Callaham's new home and the team over ther generate QR codes for all apps in the articles.
Guess that's why they're Mobile Nations affiliates and not neowin.
/jab /jab /jab

*taps foot and hopes they get messaging hub integration*

A friend just picked up a 1020 and is gushing over it. One of his first comments was "it's awesome, my wife messages me on fb and it text-to-speech's it in my car". I had to tell him that as soon as they update to 8.1 he's going to loose that. He does a ton of driving(over the weekend he had a 14 hour drive) so, to him, it was the most amazing feature that he didn't have on his iPhone.

If they aren't going to open up the messaging hub for integration, they should add "Speak" or "Announce" in under "Notifications+actions" in settings. At least allow us to have the phone read off alerts if we choose.

Much, Much better design. Its almost a blend of the original Metro Facebook app and the current public one. This one gives it a more unique look to WP too. So far seems very snappy, hoping they fixed the news feed bug that only shows a few recent items then everything from a day before

Just installed it on 8.1 after removing the 8.1 Version and it works just fine. very nice update.

Edited by Geoffrey B., Jun 17 2014, 6:00pm :

I notice they haven't removed messaging, though Facebook's official intention is to only have messaging through the Messenger app.

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