Microsoft releases 12-minute video of real-time Xbox One dashboard use

Microsoft received criticism for releasing a pre-rendered video of the Xbox One dashboard last month, but the company has now released a 12-minute video showcasing the dashboard being used in real time by two Xbox executives.

In the video, led by Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten and Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi, the full range of Xbox One capabilities are demonstrated, including gaming, television and app usage. Also demonstrated is the next-generation Kinect's recognition features, with the motion-tracking device instantly recognizing Whitten and Mehdi when a cloth is taken off its lens.

By saying "Xbox, show my stuff," the two executives were able to switch back and forth between their customized dashboards, with the console flipping tile colors and arrangements in the process.

The console quickly launches features thanks to its three operating systems that run in parallel. Xbox One has its own operating system for games, while an OS based on the Windows kernel runs the console's apps and dashboard. A third operating system switches between the two, thanks to a Hyper-V implementation.

An accompanying blog post on Microsoft's Xbox Wire news site also touts the features of the dashboard, including recording gameplay clips and running two features simultaneously with the console's snap mode, reminiscent of the same-named feature of Windows 8.

Source: YouTube (Xbox) via Xbox Wire

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Being able to multi-task with PC games is hit and miss though. Some I can just switch back and forth to the desktop okay, some block it completely, and some tend to crash if you do.

Spicoli said,
So, can you have a "parent" account that can lock out voice commands from kids bickering about what to watch?


I'm not a gamer but this makes me want an XBox!! Is it me or those the XBox OS/interface looks better than Windows 8.1? I know XBox is running Windows 8 but it seems smooth and well put together.

I just skipped to the youtube channel and my faith in human intelligence is forever altered, how do these people use technology, how do they both walk and breathe at the same time! What i read cant be unread, i will forever more avoid youtube comments!

Spicoli said,
Did you expect anything else from youtube comments? Easily the dumbest forums on the planet.

THIS! I stopped reading YouTube comments years ago... All it is is a place for stupid people to voice an opinion that half the time doesn't even make sense...

this just show how much effort microsoft has put into making the xbox one feel next generation unlike PS4 is just about upgrading hardware.

Mark Cerny is definitely gonna concern more about ps4 UI.

Wonder why Microsoft still offers videos and services via youtube. shouldnt they release stuff like that in vimeo or something

RommelS said,
This is why I broke my gaming console rule - wait for 6 month before purchasing.

Yeah. Not a bad rule really, but I couldn't wait either. Hopefully all the work they put into reliability will pay off...

The technology is the one that's driving me to purchase it. To be honest, the games that I want will not be out until next year - Titanfall, Halo, and PvZ: Garden Warfare. Although I decided to pre-order Forza 5 and Madden NFL.

Still not sure how this works with the Cable Box. I have Time Warner Cable and I heard they would have to upgrade the cable box in order for all this work correctly..

Cable --> Time Warner Cable Box --> Xbox One --> TV

If TWC box doesn't work with it - this would hinder the entire process... me thinks!

Wouldn't it just pass the signal to the TV? Just like any other HDMi device? You just can't control theTWCB via XBox. I doing that atm, keeping both cable box and HTPC separate.

Now thats a next generation system, it looks really good makes me think about getting one even though i dont like consoles just for the kinect stuff and all the other stuff. People complaining about how the PS4 is more powerful etc and images are better and has 1080p but your not going to be gaming 24/7 for 8-10 years so i think MS have actually thought about adding extra value to the console for those years via creating a better overall experience in your home and is something that everyone can use whether its gaming or not. I wonder what neogaf has to say about this, the SDF will be going nuts over this i bet haha

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