Microsoft releases Bing Food & Drink app for Windows Phone

A few days ago, Microsoft released a beta version of its Bing Travel app for Windows Phone. Now the company is porting yet another of its Bing apps from Windows 8.1 to its mobile OS with the beta release of Bing Food & Drink.

Like its big brother, the Windows Phone 8 version allows users to check out a ton of food recipes, along with guides, such as how to select the best wine or cocktail for a perfect meal. Both versions of the app can be synced with each other, which means that users can create a shopping list in the Windows 8.1 app and then view the same list as they go to the grocery store on Windows Phone. The app also supports sharing of recipes, shopping lists and food collections with others.

This new addition means that six Bing apps have now made the leap to Windows Phone. Besides the recently launched Travel app, Microsoft ported the Bing News, Sports, Weather and Finance apps to WP8 several months ago.

Source: Microsoft via | Image via Microsoft

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Bing has done a great job with all their apps. So beautifully designed and all so fast and smooth. Love it

Now if they just had a way for Cortana to instruct me in cooking these recipes, or even cooking for me, they'd have a winner.

Cannot just cook by recipe alone. Have to taste the food, make sure it is prepared properly. I know many humans who cannot cook worth a damn by following a recipe. Cant imagine an AI being any better.

Yea, that is not the same as cooking a full/complete meal. Plus, chips has the same consistent process that is repeated over and over again. Unless you plan on eating grilled cheese everyday, then there would have to be a lot of work in developing an AI that will properly cook and prepare food. Which unless the AI can have as good as taste as humans and be able to make adjustments to recipes, I dont see an AI being able to do this.