Microsoft releases GroupMe 4.0 for Windows Phone

Microsoft has today released version 4.0 of its group messaging app GroupMe. The Windows Phone app now supports Windows Phone 8 devices, has a brand new start screen with large animated tiles, an improved chat interface and it's been given a speed boost.

For those new to GroupMe, the app allows you to start group chats and send images to people in your phone contacts. The app uses your data connection by default, however if you have a low connection you have the option to receive messages via SMS. Users can also use the GroupMe website here when not on a smartphone.

While Microsoft is still developing the app, Rooms on Windows Phone 8 has the same functionality but of course isn't multi-platform yet, like GroupMe. It wouldn't be surprising if the app is at some point rolled into Skype.

Source: Windows Phone

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Often times a group at MS will make something like this, an app, or a service backend type API or w/e and they'll put it out there on its own for a bit till it finally ends up bolted into something else, like Windows, WP or Server etc. GroupMe sounding and doing the same as the new Rooms feature in WP8 is no surprise to me, I bet it's the same code but put into the OS/People Hub.

The one interesting thing is that this has a website counterpart and isn't limited to your smartphone.

What are you talking about? Rooms in Windows Phone 8 will be cross-platform. It was announced at their reveal conference.

Please do try to stay up to date, when you seem so certain by writing "Of course isn't multi-platform".

No offense intended. Constructive feedback is what it is.

This seems like a strange stand alone product. People use chat services their friends use. It used to be MSN Messenger, then BBM, and now What's App. It could be Skype in the future, but it certainly won't be GroupMe on it's own.

i read really often such news and know about their products quite well but im overwhelmed of their different products and services. i really wish microsoft would unify at a much quicker pace and lighten up the variety to gain some better overview.