Microsoft releases Halloween Kinect-themed video


Microsoft may be celebrating the first anniversary of its Kinect motion controller camera this week but the folks at Microsoft's online video network Channel 9 have some other things they want to do with the Kinect that have nothing to do with business SDKs or gaming. Channel 9 has now released its annual Halloween movie called Kinect to Kill that features the controller as part of a Saw-inspired serial killer flick.

The killer itself is seen on a TV screen and who uses the Kinect device to do, well, interesting things. One part of the movie shows the killer showing one of its victims how to escape from his chains via a key via the Kinect. It's ... well, we won't spoil it for you.

The movie itself is actually a little disturbing and is definitely not for the young kids. The whole "bomb on the head" sequence makes that very clear. We would have actually liked to have seen the Kinect controller used more in the movie other than a way for the killer to watch his victims grovel.

Overall if you like the Saw movies and want to see the Kinect in a setting like you have never seen before, the video is worth checking out. But again, its very mature and bloody content may not be to everyone's tastes, even for a Halloween video.

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What does it have to do with Kinect? Other than the key part (which could be done with today's webcam software anyway), the Kinect was only used as a webcam everywhere else.

KingCrimson said,

Obvioustroll is obvious!

You mean like your posts on Android and Apple news! If you read my comment carefully, I showed my appreciation for the first two vision videos (i stand by what I said they were both vapor because we don't have the technology hence the vision). This video is simply a crap and it is my personal opinion.

This video has scarred me for life.... such horrible premise and acting. Shame on you MS! Stop wasting money and peoples time and do something better.

"His heart was ripped out"

My heart was ripped out with the acting !!! The best bit was the guy had a dump , splashed his hands in water and then washed his face ....the dirty bugger lol.