Microsoft releases IE8 language packs

In case your favorite language isn't English and have been waiting to install a language pack for the recently released Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft has finally released language packs for the following languages:

  • ENU - English
  • ARA - Arabic
  • BSC - Bosnian (Cyrillic)
  • BSB - Bosnian (Latin)
  • BRG - Bulgarian
  • CAT - Catalan
  • CHS - Chinese (Simplified)
  • CHT - Chinese (Traditional)
  • ZHH - Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • HRV - Croatian
  • CSY - Czech
  • DAN - Danish
  • NLD - Dutch
  • ETI - Estonian
  • FIN - Finnish
  • FRA - French
  • DEU - German
  • ELL - Greek
  • HEB - Hebrew
  • HIN - Hindi
  • HUN - Hungarian
  • ITA - Italian
  • JPN - Japanese
  • KOR - Korean
  • LVI - Latvian
  • LTH - Lithuanian
  • MKI - Macedonian
  • NOR - Norwegian (Bokmal)
  • PLK - Polish
  • PTB - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • PTG - Portuguese (Portugal)
  • ROM - Romanian
  • RUS - Russian
  • SRB - Serbian (Cyrillic)
  • SRL - Serbian (Latin)
  • SKY - Slovakian
  • SLV - Slovenian
  • ESN - Spanish
  • SVE - Swedish
  • THA - Thai
  • TRK - Turkish
  • UKR - Ukrainian
  • VIT - Vietnamese

The languages listed above are available in 32bit (x86 on the download page) and 64bit. To install these language packs, you must the corresponding OS language pack installed. Click here to visit the Download center to start downloading now.

Kudos to CoolCatBad for the heads up

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AActually there is a difference in those languages (Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian) while they are similar they are still different. I would say they are about 95% the same, and some words have a different meaning in all three languages. And how do I know this you might ask, well I'm a Bosnian. :)

Still I will be using the English version as its easier for me to understand lol.

I can realize why they don't ever release a persian pack and I don't care about it that much to be honest; but that doesn't mean I'm content with their decision. Yet another reason to switch over to Linux, where I can decide.

I still see no UK English... at the risk of sounding like a language snob, it's a pity that MS doesn't cater to the 90% of the English speaking world which uses alternate spellings for words.

If you've ever used any Microsoft Office product with an English variant that isn't US English you'd know the pain of the damn applications consistently reverting to US English no matter how many times you change the language back!

Yeah, the amount of effort to do this would be minimal compared to other translations.

I suspect that the reason that they don't do a UK / International English version is due to consistency rather than money, they probably figure that most applications are written in US English, therefore having words spelt differently in different places might confuse us or something.

My biggest wish for MS is for them to fix up office, it's so annoying when I type something and it consistently changes my spelling to American versions.