Microsoft releases MP3 Bing ring tones for your mobile

You may have read the title and thought this was a joke but I kid you not, Microsoft has released a pack of 3 ring tones where people say the word bing in a rapid and alien-like fashion.

The pack is available at Microsoft's download site. All 3 tones try to create a ring tone like sound but the word bing repeated over and over is slightly alien-like.

Bing is Microsoft's latest search engine which has some fairly amusing and catchy adverts associated with it. The search site has come under fire this week, being branded as a "porn portal" by some for how easy it is to acquire pornographic video.

For those of you who don't fancy downloading the ring tones just to hear them we've knocked up a little video below so you can hear them. Enjoy.

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Hey author, you should put up a poll, "Who thinks BingTone #1 is the best? BingTone #2? #3? Or who would jump off a roof if they had these ringtones on their phone?"

Do it, that would be a fun poll!

I alwayz used the Stock ringtones on my Sony Ericsson, but this jus got on as customization!

Microsoft can go any long way to make their things work. The other day I was looking for the Intel jingle,and boy it took some effort to knock that down! Companies should readily promote what's catching-up on air.

P.S.:Bing still isn't my default search.. ahem.. Decision Engine!

I like them. Won't be listening to them too much though, really isn't the sort of thing I want be seen singing to myself.

Dont know about that, but if you sit nearby me in the bus/train/etc and have your mobile ringing that, you'll be dead by next stop.

Hahahhahhaha that was awesome. It's to catchy, get it out my head.

Good work MS! :)

The funny point is the fact that it's on my iPhone

haha yeah, 'lets get in their heads, that'll work!'. Cause making it the default search in IE isn't enough...

I listened to the neowin mash first and thought it was something they'd played around with! I didn't realise they're the actual tunes!!

Catchy though!

Nothing impressive, but these are those kind of annoying sounds that stays on your head!

bing bing bing.... arhhhggg