Microsoft releases new look for Bing Android app

Microsoft's Bing division has been in the news a lot lately; it began offering an ad-free search experience to all U.S. schools last week and a few days ago it added some improvements to searching inside Windows 8.1. Now the Bing team has a new update for its Android app.

The Bing blog says that the new Android version, which is available to download on Google Play, has a new "streamlined" design that should please power users. In addition, Microsoft says that the team has put in some performance improvements and that users should notice that it is "markedly faster" than previous versions of the app.

Finally, users of the Bing Android app in the US who are also signed up for the Bing Rewards program should be able to track their points from inside the app for the first time. Bing Rewards allows those users to gain points while searching on the service every day. The points can be collected and later used to buy gift cards from various retailers, entries for sweepstakes or even to help donate Surface tablets to a local school. Microsoft recently added a way to exchange Bing Rewards points for airline frequent flyer miles.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Typical Microsoft! Lets give the best things to competing platforms and treat our loyal users like crap. In fact Google does the same thing. Their apps are always better on iOS than Android.

That due to limitations in both their systems. No point in holding back a SERVICE from people regardless of device. Cortana brings a LOT of Bing features to 8.1 that Android and iOS does not have.

BajiRav said,
So Android gets bing rewards before Windows Phone? Good job Microsoft.

Go into the search settings in Cortana and make sure you're login.