Microsoft releases new Surface commercial, "Surface is here"

The commercial, posted above, is the following in the footsteps of previously released Surface content and keeping the momentum moving forward for Microsoft's first foray into the tablet hardware market.

The Surface represents a bold shift in Microsoft strategy as the company is now competing head-to-head with the OEMs who helped to make Microsoft the dominant player in the market that it is today. 

The Surface will go on-sale tonight, at midnight, but online orders are currently backordered so if you want a Surface, you will need to find your local Microsoft retail outlet.

Source: YouTube

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This is the type of commercial they should do in pro-rolls at movie theaters.. a nice surround sound effect on the music and boom, people will be intrigued.

Is it just me, or was that a very brief marketing campaign for such a huge leap represented by Win8/Surface? I would have expected more media blitz a lot sooner. Speaking to a lot of non-techies, they have no clue what Windows 8 *is*...

Odd. I figured this would be the video they showed at the end of the Surface keynote, which actually showed various apps and had the thing jumping around with the Touch Cover flipping round it and stuff... That was cool.
Where did this come from?!

spudtrooper said,

You're definition of weird must be .. weird...

Don't worry I love Surface and I am getting one tomorrow, however, the surreal floating eye/hand's a little weird. Doesn't make me connect at all. The video after the end of the keynote was awesome and should be plastered everywhere.

...most of the commercials we see on TV are "weird" then.
All the time, my wife and I look at each other at the end of a commercial and say...what?!!?! really?!?!? That was a 'jeans' commercial...or a femine product commercial?!?!?
Only at the end would you see what was being marketed.

But, I thought we've ALL gotten used to "weird" commercials now. I see it as just another commercial.
Still, I liked it tho.