Microsoft releases the very first Bing commercial

Microsoft's new Bing search (or rather, decision) engine is still in beta, but that doesn't mean that the Redmond company can't begin to advertise it. To show that they mean business, they have already released the first ever commercial for the new service, in the form of a video, as one would expect.

Bing is Microsoft's overhauled Live Search, now with a range of new features that warrants it the description 'decision engine', as opposed to the regular 'search engine'. You can easily search videos, websites and filter them to show reviews or other links. You can also use it to compare things such as flight information, maps or different shopping websites. If you're interested in all the various search options you can perform, check out the site-going-live announcement article here on Neowin.

The ad is a collection of different clips, with a voice-over narrating it, and with flashing text to help display the message, concluding by telling the watcher to Bing and decide. Bing was initially officially unveiled on May 28, and it aimed at helping consumers make better decisions. It is currently being rolled out internationally, and will be fully available on June 3.

The video is embedded below, for handy viewing. Be sure to tell us what you think; is it effective? Does it advertise Bing sufficiently? Is it nicely put together, or is it a bit cluttered? Fire away!

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How? I think it's an effective advert. Their other 2 are better, but this one seems to show their point about 'search overload'. I don't think anybody can measure whether it is a failure or not until we see the market share of search engines in a month or two...

so busy, so loud, so noisy. even the 'bing' is annoying! where's the clean efficient advertising we've been so spoiled by Apple!

AnthoWin said,
so busy, so loud, so noisy. even the 'bing' is annoying! where's the clean efficient advertising we've been so spoiled by Apple!


AnthoWin said,
so busy, so loud, so noisy. even the 'bing' is annoying! where's the clean efficient advertising we've been so spoiled by Apple!

Again, it's supposed to be like that to show their 'search overload' theory.

Did anybody actually read what the text in the video said?

Very untypical of MS i think..... which I like.... but then I like the cleaned up ad's more... plus... I dont feel any real relevance to the product in the ad except maybe the words which are a little confusing at best...

So, let me get this straight.

If I "Biiiing! and Decide" -- I can search for ways on how to fix the economy?

Google > Commercial

I didn't think the commercial was that bad, but I don't like the "Bing" at the end so stressed.

Just show "" and then say "It's time to Bing & decide"... just say Bing and not "Biing" like a bell ringing.

I would also add the commercial was maybe a little too "busy", although it fits in at the beginning when they are describing information overload, confusion, etc.

If I were not a tech I would be left confused by this ad. It does not tell me what "Bing" actually is. I get the idea that Bing is a solution to "search overload" but what IS it?

"Bing & Decide" is a terrible tagline. What if I am researching an assignment for school? There's no "decision" I need to make, I just need information.

It is too bad Microsoft dropped the ball here because Bing is day-and-night better than Live Search and should make Google nervous sitting in their throne making total hypocrites of themselves. You'd never know it from the ad.

I don't think it communicated even a little bit that it was a search engine. Non-tech savvy people would probably have no idea. I feel the best result for this ad would be if people go to just to see what it actually was.

Why couldn't they have just used an actual "bing" sound, rather than saying Biing! Maybe with a light bulb coming on at the end or something over the i?

Did you not understand their theory of 'search overload' and that is what they are trying to portray in this advert? It'd be impossible for them to create an advert about 'search overload' without making it busy...

Did they go back to the 80's and 90's style of advertising? reminded me so much of like when we first saw and operating system or a computer.. this is definitely gonna dent any chance of setting the tone right for BING!

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