Microsoft releases update to RSAT tools for Windows 7

Those of you who are brave enough to run Windows 7 RC at work, in a domain environment, as a systems administrator will be interested to know that Microsoft has released updates for the Remote Server Administration Tools package for Windows 7 RC.

These tools allow system administrators to manage remote, network connected, Windows servers and services such as Active Directory, Group Policy, File & Print servers, etc, from a Windows 7 machine. Microsoft previously made a beta version of their RSAT tools available for users of Windows 7 Beta. RSAT for Windows 7 RC also includes special Server Manager tools for managing roles and features on a computer that is running either the full or Server Core installation options of Windows Server 2008 R2, which will be released along side Windows 7.

Administrators who made the switch to Vista shortly after its release were disappointed to find out that Microsoft did not have any functional remote administration tools at the time of the release. Microsoft did not release the RSAT for Vista until Service Pack 1 was released in February of 2008. Previously users of Windows 2000 or Windows XP used the "adminpak" which was not compatible with Windows Vista. That Microsoft is developing the new RSAT tools along with Windows 7 is a welcome change for administrators who wish to make the change to Windows 7 as soon as it is released.

You must be either a member of the Administrators group on the computer on which you want to install RSAT, and Microsoft warns that you should remove any previous versions of RSAT that are installed on your system before installing this version, as it will fail to do an upgrade.

After downloading and installing the "msu" package, you'll need to enable the functionality of the RSAT package by opening the "Programs" area of the Windows Control Panel and then selecting Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off. In the Windows Features dialog box, expand Remote Server Administration Tools and select the remote management tools that you want to install.

Both 32 and 64-bit versions of the tools are available, so be sure to select the correct version for your operating system as the package will fail to install otherwise.

Download: KB958830

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Well time for good news

I have been trying to get the ADUC to work with Exhange tools for Exchange 2003..... Yesterday, I posted some information on the Microsoft Tech forums, in hopes of getting them to review and approve the solution for getting Windows 7RC to work with the RSAT, and Exchange System Manager......

I am currently running Windows 7RC (7100 build) with the Windows 7 RSAT installed... I also have Exchange System Tools working for Exchange 2003 on my Windows 7 Box....

Microsoft had the solution and didn't even know it, or they didn't want to tell us about it.

The Answer is ESMVista.msi, with a few modifications...... You ask what the modiifcations are?
1. Removed the system checks from the MSI so it does not verify that the Computer is running Windows Vista.

Thats it.....

Works like a champ. Here is a link to the Modified File and detailed instructions.

Well have been using windows 7 as my primary OS at work since 6801 but I must admit that I hade som problems getting Active Directory working in the beginning until 7000

Updating my RSAT as we speak

Good to see but I just hope they get their finger out and get Key server working with 7 so we can do network activation rather then internet activation of the RC etc.

Great tool for those of us running Windows 7 RC at work. The only thing I still want them to add is the Exchange integration for ADUC. I still have to either remote to my Exchange server, or us a 32-bit workstation to manage Exchange features on users/groups in ADUC.

Seriously! Without Exchange admin for 2003 AS WELL AS 2007, this is useless to me.

The situation with Vista is appalling.
Try managing Exchange 2003 with the Vista RSAT, not an easy task without hacking bits out of older versions, changing dlls, etc, etc.

You can get the admin tools for exchange 2007 on vista and 7, you just need to run exchange setup and tell it to only install the management tools (yes you can get a 32bit version as well).

As for 2003, then yes you are SOL.

I don't know if I would actually say that we're being brave running this in an IT environment - it's polished and stable, and we haven't had any issues with our SBS 03 or 08 servers. Out of all of the computers that we have, three are already running Win7 RC as our regular OS. It's FREAKING AWESOME.

With Windows 7, did they fix the issue with Vista not being able to drag and drop objects in ADUC? PLEASE let that be fixed!!!!!

ZeroHour said,
You can drag and drop objects. It just displays a warning usually.

Nope, when I drag and drop in Vista ADUC, connected to a domain, it doesn't do anything. MS said they designed it that way:

"You cannot use the drag-and-drop feature in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in or in the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in. For example, if you create a computer object in the Users OU, and then you drag the object to the Computers OU, the operation fails."

reactionary007 said,
that is only when you use the 2003 tools under Vista. vista RSAT doesn't have that problem.

I installed RSAT under Vista and did not have a snap in for ADUC

yeah, It's nice that they are releasing these on time with Windows 7. They made us wait until SP1 for Vista which was a joke, We had to force the 2003 tools to install (which was a buggy mess) or use remote desktop.
Considering it's us admins that often shape the IT environment within an organisation it was not a good to alienate us!

I am one of those brave people also ? I am running it at work because how else would i know if its worthy to be deployed throughout the network if I am not running it myself?

I also run it but only personally. So has so many others. I do have an interesting issue with a gps of mine but I don't know if it is a compatiblity issue between it and Windows 7 or if the unit has a faulty usb plug (it keeps giving code 10) The dang thing should pick up as a WinCE compatible device.

I'm one of those people "brave" or AKA "stupid" enough to run Windows 7 at work, and love the fact Microsoft is actually keeping this package up to date!

Marshalus said,
I'm one of those people "brave" or AKA "stupid" enough to run Windows 7 at work, and love the fact Microsoft is actually keeping this package up to date! :D

Did you write lots of 62-bit apps at work also? :P