Microsoft Releases Vista Build 5231 to Testers

The latest build of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system has been released to testers on Microsoft Connect today. The 5231 build was leaked earlier this month (5231.winmain.050912.2020), although this build is slightly newer (5231.winmain_idx03.051004-2120). In this new pre beta 2 build, Windows Media Player has been updated to version 11 and new audio controls have been added (with active input and output monitors).

Some testers have been experiencing download problems on Microsoft Connect. The error displayed is:

The system has encountered an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience. The issue will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Although other testers are reportedly downloading without any issues. Click Read More to view further details on the ISO.

Download: Vista Build 5231 (Testers Only)

View: Windows Vista Homepage

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Well, I did download it from there starting Wednesday, finished it on friday night and spent saturday installing it. Ask the guys on IRC. I kept them informed of the status. It was definately out then.

EDIT: I just checked, it appears they have now released CD versions. The one I d/led was called something like IDW release build or something, and it was a dvd version