Microsoft reportedly telling workers reorganization plan is still on

In July, Microsoft and its CEO Steve Ballmer announced plans for a big executive and department reorganization of the company. Many of its leaders would be given new titles and responsibilities as a result of the changes. Ballmer reportedly worked on the plans for months before they were announced.

Now that Ballmer has revealed his plans to retire from Microsoft within 12 months, there has apparently been some concerns inside the company that the reorganization will be scuttled. Today, Bloomberg reports, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft workers are being told by their leaders that the "One Microsoft" reorganization plans are still moving forward.

However, the same report claims Microsoft executives also received an increase in job offers from other companies since the reorganization announcement. It added that some executives who are unhappy with their new gigs within the company might decide to leave after their stock grants and options are given out at the end of August.

As we reported in July, some of the changes at Microsoft include Terry Myerson heading up the Windows and Xbox operating system division, Satya Nadella being put in charge of cloud services and Tony Bates, the former president of Skype, now in charge of its Business Development and Evangelism division. All of these people are rumored to be on the short list of candidates for the CEO position.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Microsoft

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Except this is a necessary re-org into functional units. Apple was just re-orged this way. Instead of having Windows fighting Windows Phone they will be under one division and work together.

Reorganization in a big company usually means the execs and upper management make more money while laying off a ton of people that actually get **** done.

I've been involved in a couple of reorgs. It's never a fun process. In both cases, nobody got a raise and while people did get cut, it was usually the lower performing people or positions that were too specialized with inflexible employees.

S3P€hR said,
jeez. All of this happens because of the lack of a charismatic and visionary leader. steve jobs and bill gates are perfect examples.


panacea said,
what is to elaborate? under a charismatic CEO with passion for his company, everything works better.

What exactly worked better?

AWilliams87 said,

What exactly worked better?

Lol you know that won't work. People like to parrot cool sounding phrases, people don't like to substantiate it, because then they'd be found wanting