Microsoft Research releases Blink Windows Phone 8 photo app

In September 2012, Microsoft showed off an interesting Lens app for Windows Phone 8 as part of the Nokia Lumia 920/820 press conference. The app, called Blink, was developed by Microsoft Research and was designed to let its users pick their favorite image from a burst of shots of the same location.

This weekend, Microsoft finally released the Blink app, and thankfully it's available for all Windows Phone 8 owners to download from the Windows Phone Store, so it's not just an exclusive for Nokia Lumia devices.

The video above gives a good idea of how the Blink app works. Basically, when you aim your smartphone photo lens at your intended subject and then open the Blink app, it starts taking images before or after you actually snap a picture, either by clicking on the shutter button or by tapping on the screen.

You then get a series of images that you can check out via a strip on the bottom of the screen. When you see the image that you think is the best one of that subject, you can select it and it becomes part of your official Camera Roll. notes that the only real drawback to using the Blink app to take pictures is that their resolution gets reduced to just 1280x720. If you want your photos to have a higher resolution, then the Blink app is not for you. However, if you are taking photos of a high action moment, such as a football game or cats running around the living room, then using the Blink app is the best way to make sure you have the shot you want to take.

Source: Windows Phone Store | Image via Microsoft

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if it takes images before or after, does that mean that it's continuously capturing and just saves the parts around when you press the screen? what happens if you move the camera immediately after "taking" the pic?

My guess is that the phones are not capable of taking full-res shots at high speed. I suppose we shouldn't expect our tiny camera to have the same features of a digital slr camera.

Im getting worried that all dev focus is now on WP8 and that WP7.x is being forgotten, I've already noticed a huge decrease in WP7.x apps/news on the WPCentral app, Hoping it is just the honeymoon period and things will even back out

No, smartshoot is mostly aimed for multiple pictures where all of them aren't correct. Like a family photo where on some photos people got closed eyes. Smartshoot combines the taken photo's to get nobody with closed eyes.

Blink is taking photos and let you then pick 1 to save.

Time shift is more advanced than this. Blink is basically the same as turning on the multi-shot feature on your camera, but letting you choose which photo to save rather than saving all of them.

szo said,
It will probably come to iOS just like Wordament did!

It will be like the Panorama feature... Apple will roll it into the next update then iOS fans will accuse all others of copying Apple for their great innovative ideas trying to steal market share from the leader of innovation and design.