Microsoft Research shows Illumishare, takes video chat to the next level

Microsoft is always busy in the labs working on products and features for the next generation. One such idea that is currently being fostered in the labs is a product called Illumishare.

Microsoft has posted up a video about a new way of interacting with an individual who you are video chatting with. The idea is simple, on any surface you can interact with documents, objects, or anything else in real time. The product is a bit hard to explain, but when you watch the video below, it all becomes quite clear about how this technology could be used.

If you start to think of practical applications such as business meetings or distance learning (as shown in the video) this simple idea becomes quite compelling. The interactive nature of the platform is intuitive as any product can be used as shown by the cards, toys, and even pen and paper.

Little innovations such as this will go a long way to make video chatting feel more natural and more useful. How soon will we see this tech in a consumer environment? That we do not know. But considering they already have a working prototype, we hope it is not far off. 

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I think the idea is neat. I imagine it would be great for an architect/engineering firm over say, a 2m x 2m table space, so two teams can collaborate between offices.

this is new? it's like pointing your camera at your paper and just using a projector instead of a monitor....

Ultravires said,
This is actually really neat! Wonder how long it will take them to actually release a product that can offer these features.

My bet is that this will never see the light of day. First they have to perfect it, then find a market for it, then enter (Or in this case create) that market... My bet is that if we see this in any form it will be incorporated into another product...

adam7288 said,
This is great. Unfortunately, it is a solution looking for a problem.

At least we will be prepared when that problem comes.

adam7288 said,
This is great. Unfortunately, it is a solution looking for a problem.

Well, how do YOU compare your Hello Kitty toys??

Seriously though, I agree. Usually I'm all over these Microsoft research projects, but this one I find very underwhelming. It's not really cool or that useful, nor does it solve a problem as you mentioned. I dunno... I just find this rather underwhelming...

Tekkerson said,
Meh, not THAT impressive. I thought there'd be some type of 3D projections >_>

Meh, not THAT impressive. I thought this would be an interesting and insightful comment >_>