Microsoft reveals "Throne Together" as its newest Windows 8.1 game

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft filed for the rights to claim the trademark "Throne Together" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The filing was made for the use of "Game software" so naturally we assumed it was for an upcoming Xbox or Windows game.

As it turns out, we were right on the money. The "Throne Together" game was added earlier today in the Windows Store allowing Windows 8.1 users to check out this free block-based puzzle title.

Microsoft's description says that the game tests a player's ability to construct castles that are able to withstand a number of environmental and location issues, such as rivers, geysers, steep mountains and more. Players can also reinforce their block castles but they also must be careful as they are building the structures as poor positioning or top heavy blocks can bring a castle down before it's finished.

Gamers can pick different modes of play in "Throne Together" including levels where only a limited number of moves are allowed, or trying to complete their castles before time runs out. The game lets people connect to Facebook to watch friends play their own levels.

Microsoft recently released its first "hardcore" Windows 8.1 game, the military air simulation "Cold Alley", but "Throne Together" is definitely an example of the type of casual game that users of Microsoft's OS are used to.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Microsoft

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It uses the same "framework" than Candy Crush, same 5 lifes, same FB integration. But I've run out of life, I have to wait 20 mins (like Candy) but using "Get More!" does not do anything.

Seems like it's going to be a game with microtransaction, like CC, but it's not well implemented right now, meaning, it's not working.

Don't worry about not getting MS Bingo - I've played it a couple of times and while it is good overall the game balance is way off... heavily skewed towards trying to get people to buy IAP... too far over the top.

This game's fairly good actually. Having fun with it but no Achievements and so many hooks to Facebook - strange. The scoring seems off - not really sure what i'm getting points for most of the time. but the build mechanics are pretty cool and like the tetris-like building aspect.

Robbie Ride said,
Another app that's not available for people in the UK, just like Microsoft Bingo and Hexic

For "Hexic" change the computer country region temporary to "Trinidad/Tobago"
For "Bingo" change the computer country region temporary to "Canada"

After installing you can revert back to your home country, updates will pop up just as other installs. No need to restart the machine, but do restart the store app.

m4rco 7070 said,
Trinidad & Tobago actually has an exclusive? Woot!

whenever I hear Trinidad n Tobago I think...

"Why separate knob???? Why....????"


The Store link is for the Canadian store, it doesn't seem to be available yet here in the US. Same goes with Microsoft Bingo for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8... I want to play Bingo and get achievements here in the US! C'mon, Microsoft... why just Canada? lol

Same here in the US. It looks like the app was pulled from the store as searching for it brings up zero results as well.

Update: Thanks to the posts on here, changing my region worked like a charm. Control Panel > Region > Location > Canada. The trip up north wasn't bad.

Edited by m4rco 7070, Jan 4 2014, 12:20pm :

No Xbox Achievements and no Microsoft login? Doesn't seem like a Microsoft Game Studios game, but they are listed as the publisher. Very strange.

j2006 said,
No Xbox Achievements and no Microsoft login? Doesn't seem like a Microsoft Game Studios game, but they are listed as the publisher. Very strange.

Probably because this game was thrown together...

+1000, that's getting old. Real old. I really don't care to play games without XBL achievements. But almost no one is using them, and now even MS isn't using it consistently. Time to stop resisting Steam and Origin.