Microsoft rides the rails again with Train Simulator

Almost six years ago, Microsoft released Microsoft Train Simulator as part of its Flight Simulator series - the game offered more than 600 miles of re-created railroad routes and a huge level of detail. Microsoft has finally announced a new Train Simulator; a teaser site has surfaced with links to some of the developers' blogs. The new game will be developed by Aces Studio and will build on the Flight Simulator X platform. The teaser page promises more information this year:

"Following the successful release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the Aces Studio is using the same technology to develop a new version of Microsoft Train Simulator. Unrelated to our previous Train Simulator development efforts, this version will be an all-new product built on the Flight Simulator X platform, the culmination of 25 years of product development and technology. It's too early to discuss the details of this product, but we look forward to sharing more information later this year. You can also read blog posting from several of the development team members at the links below."

View: Teaser site
News source: Gamespot UK

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The guys over at here in the US are very skeptical about this (to start with):

#1 - The original MSTS 2 turned out quite fast to be vaporware.

#2 - This sim is being announced as running on the backbone that FSX is built on, so there's quite a few guys worried that this thing will need Vista & won't run good at all on XP (and might also need one of those Ageia physics cards)...

Why would a train simulator need a physics card? Even if it is able to make use of one there's no way any company would be stupid enough to require such a niche product for their game. It will be many years before that happens, if ever. Also Flight Simulator X works just fine on XP for me.


My dad will love this as hes a train fanatic who knows EVERYTHING about trians Hes just bought a new machine so it will run lovly on that

My little cousin loves Microsoft Train Simulator game and I sometimes watch him play or I play it with him, it's just a relaxing game.

#2: Yes it did, it made GREAT sales. I'm really loooking forward to this. Trains have been in my family for a long time. With train watching and all, this should be good. It really needed a better GFX.. Maybe DX10? Who knows!