Microsoft rumored to show "Xbox Smart Glass" at E3

Microsoft will likely be showing off a few new non-gaming features for its Xbox 360 console during its pre-E3 2012 press conference on Monday. However, a new article at the website claims that Microsoft will also be showing off something else at E3 to a select few people that promises to be very interesting, if this story is indeed true.

The site claims that Microsoft will show a presentation for a new software application called Xbox Smart Glass. The app is supposed to work with not just Windows and Windows Phone but also for iOS and Android devices. The app will allow users to control their Xbox 360 console remotely. Xbox 360 media applications, including Netflix, YouTube and more, are supposed to be accessible with Xbox Smart Glass. The app is also supposed to push content from a tablet to a TV, laptop or other devices.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed this story and if this report is correct, the company may not even admit publicly at E3 it is working on such an app. However, a Microsoft job listing from a few months ago strongly hinted that the company was working on a way to bring Xbox Live to iOS and Android devices.

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The app is also supposed to push content from a tablet to a TV, laptop or other devices.

I'm wondering what kind of content will they let us push?

Anybody else noticed that the "Music" application in Windows 8 Release Preview has a "Play To XBOX" option when using a Zune Pass?

Sounds a lot like this Smart Glass feature.

it's basically a remote display connection with virtual controllers, they've been working on this for a while now... kind of your own virtual onlive (or sling) setup for your own xbox

Bet the WP version will be the last one released and with the fewest features. Bunch of twats at Microsoft still sucking on apple's nuts, shouldnt have bothered with WP if they were going to support it so poorly within their company.

would love this, currently I control my cable STB, onkyo receiver, and apple tv via my ipad - would love to be able to add PS3 and the 360.

Sraf said,
The companion app is just a remote control, this sounds a quite a bit more powerful

This could very well replace the companion app when it's released. The way it sounds it will allow you to access your content from the Xbox on the phone/tablet and then also push video to the 360 to watch on your big screen, but maybe even going the other way and have content from the 360 pushed to your phone/tablet? I somehow get the feeling this isn't just a one way dlna remote control app for the 360 but more.

Does seem to be odd with having the companion app already.... hopefully they just add to that or merge the companion app stuff into this one too.