Microsoft Search Head Denies New Project

Microsoft Corporation's head of search and advertising is denying that a team of developers in Silicon Valley were working on a cutting-edge search project. "When they get it done, I hope they'll send me a link to it so I'll know about it," joked Satya Nadella, corporate vice president of Microsoft's search and advertising platform group. While Nadella denied any specific effort to build a new search engine, he did say that his group, as a very young search operation compared to some other giants, would need to take risks in order to improve its position. Microsoft search is just over 3 years old and has about 10% of the market, he said, "We'll experiment."

One way that Microsoft may work to improve its search ranking is by using the MSN portal, which has around 500 million unique users globally, according to Nadella. His group is trying to find ways to encourage them to use Microsoft's Live search. The MSN A-List, which shows top searches on Live search, is an example of that effort. In addition, the main page only recently got a Live search bar, he said. Microsoft will also have to differentiate its search product from the others to get ahead, he said. Offerings such as 3D maps, where Nadella believes Microsoft is in the lead, as well as mobile and image search could help the company gain users. In the long term, Nadella wants to experiment with and "reconceptualize" the search user interface. There's a "ton" of innovation that can be done on the user experience side, he said. Nadella is also interested in having more data about things like abandonment rates.

News source: PC World

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Cryingcure said,
In other news: Nobody is surprised to see you criticizing a Microsoft article

If it's not Linux, I guess it's just not news worthy

You have a chip on that shoulder? I have complimented Microsoft. I have pointed out shortcomings in Linux. Yet there will always be some genius to find faults, I guess.

markjensen said,
Yet there will always be some idiot to find faults, I guess.

So I'm an idiot for expressing how I felt about your post? Nice

I've been lurking around on this site for around a year now before getting an account and I'll agree I've seen you compliment Microsoft a couple times, but you can't deny how often you bash them and the way you throw around how you're a Linux user is on the immature side. Your signature is a bash at them as a matter of fact. When I've seen people have a bad thing to say about Linux it seems like you're in there within seconds to defend your precious Linux a lot. I can understand some people doing that every once in a while, but not everytime someone doesn't like the operating system they prefer. They way you talk to people on here as if you're some kind of boss on Neowin is also on the immature side. I can see why the penguin in your avatar has his eyes covered. He's saddened by the way his fans sometimes act. This post was made from Ubuntu 7.04 by the way. My main OS in Ubuntu. So I'm in no way a fanboy of Microsoft or anything else so don't try using that in any future reply from you. I'll put you on ignore from this point on. I don't really care for anything you have to say anyway.

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