Microsoft sends out Windows Live Beta Community Invitation

Microsoft has sent out invitations for participation in a pre-release program dubbed the "Windows Live Beta Community". The e-mail asks its recipient to head over to the Invitations section at Microsoft Connect and input the included invitation ID, after signing in with a valid Windows Live ID. A survey normally ensues, but this time the go button takes the invitee directly to the Windows Live Beta Community web page. The page isn't anything special but it is more extensive than typical beta pages. For now, it is structured into 7 areas which answer simple FAQs. It is evident that the program is aimed at beta testers who are particularly active and genuinely want to help Microsoft develop and improve Windows Live products. What Microsoft has planned for these testers, however, is currently unclear, but the software giant made sure to throw out many Thank Yous already.

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I got that too. That would be, unless there were variants of the e-mail, an invitation to the Windows Live Butterfly community for the January 2007 semester. Yes, it is titled Beta Tester community.

Previous butterflies have had access to this area for a while. From what I've seen, it was only dubbed a Pre-Release program, since that is the default invitation text for all MS Connect invites.

Hopefully I'm not sharing anything private... Send me a PM if I am. I just thought this clarification would help...