Microsoft set to launch a music streaming service this month

The Telegraph is exclusively reporting that Microsoft is planning to launch a streaming music service, similar to Spotify, later this month.

The service will allow users to stream music for free and also download to own. Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN, Microsoft's news and entertainment portal, told The Telegraph exclusively: "Music is an important area for Microsoft. We are looking at launching a music streaming service imminently. It will be a similar principle to Spotify but we are still examining how the business model will work."

Spotify users can stream tracks for free from the web service which is supported by advertising. If a user pays for a Spotify subscription then for £9.99 a month those tracks will not be interrupted by advertising.

Bale also hinted that the service could be tied in with Microsoft's Xbox gaming network, Xbox Live, but would not confirm how Microsoft would link the services. It's not yet clear what Microsoft will charge for the service and whether there will be an ad-supported service at no charge.

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omni said,
Microsoft Office for Mac generates more income then Office for PC. Think about it. I'll explain later if people don't get it.


Never heard of that. Where'd you hear that from?

andrewbares said,

ummm, cuz the PC users all Bit-Torrent it? Idk.

Pretty much. The majority of Office for Windows sales revolve around volume licensing. Conversely the majority of Office for Mac sales are full RRP sales off the shelf or via Apple.

Never heard of that. Where'd you hear that from?

I've actually heard it twice now -- once at Microsoft TechEd 2008 from one of the CE and once at an Apple conference last week from an Apple CE (who commented that MS and Apple actually work relatively closely on Office for Mac -- or at least have a good working relationship).

Microsoft to take on Sirius XM :O

Just kidding.. Would be nice to have, but I could easily get a Sirius XM widget and use it on my PC.

Maybe you're thinking of Yahoo. I only remember that MSN Music (in the US) only sold DRM tracks for 99 cents. That's about all I remember.

They already do for the Zune. If you want Zune on your Mac, you just either get Paralells or use Boot Camp, buy a copy of Windows and load it up, and download the Zune software. Easy as pie.

I do hope they get a good collection of less popular music... Drum n bass is impossible to find streaming outside of Youtube's crappy quality.

Fantastic news. The music industry is finally starting to upgrade to the 21st century, and good on 'em :)

... I bet Spotify are soiling themselves though. Microsoft have a habit of destroying startups like Spotify

Microsoft will either make an amazing app that trumps Spotify, or it will fail miserably and end up buying them out instead.

what said,
Microsoft will either make an amazing app that trumps Spotify, or it will fail miserably and end up buying them out instead.

That does usually happen, haha.

what said,
Microsoft will either make an amazing app that trumps Spotify, or it will fail miserably and end up buying them out instead.

Or, more likely, they will make a crappy app, but include it with every version of Windows ever sold, most people won't know any better, and some will proclaim it the greatest streaming app ever made, despite the fact they have never used anything else.

It might if Microsoft doesn't back it up strongly. Microsoft has done that before, with the latest example being MSN Soapbox.

Nice to have competition. But only better than Spotify will do for me. :D

That is, not just ad financed and free, but cheap subscription and zero ads at all too. With a gigantic music library in an uncluttered interface, and OS independent.

They already have this...Zune Pass...$15 a month....unlimited music....Streaming or downloads.

But you can trust Microsoft to make three different versions of every single product:

Microsoft music streaming (MyStream maybe)
Zune Pass
Bing Music (Oh they will make it.)

Just like Skydrive, Live Mesh, and Office Live. They need to combine, not seperate.

Lol, I think it might be different from the Zune Pass though, or why else would it be offered. Though it'd probably be better with a Zune brand and integration. Bing Music? Unlikely, but maybe there could be a lyrics search or a search category that will look up the Zune site for music information.

I hope Microsoft attempts keeping it alive. I've seen too many tries by Microsoft, but no real strong backing (latest one being MSN Soapbox).

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