Microsoft set to release a massive update with new profiles

Microsoft is set to release a large update for next week that will bring a lot of your Xbox One data to the website. The new profile pages have been completely redesigned and will feature your recent game clips too.

You can see the typical things like your friends who are online but also your achievements, which will be a welcome addition as it can be a pain to search through these items on the console.

Besides the fact that this will make sharing and viewing your Xbox One data easier, it also highlights Microsoft's ecosystem as well. By having all of these services tied together via Azure, they are able to quickly implement these types of solutions as data streaming between platforms is quite unified.

The update is set to arrive next week, so you won't have to wait long to gain access to your new profile online.

Source: Microsoft

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I just want them to release universal apps for Xbox 360, and release a Media Center universal app. Then I might even upgrade to Xbone. Otherwise forget it.

Shyatic said,
... Media Center universal app ... .

We are the minority. TV strategy has changed.
For this reason, My 360 gets used more than my ONE.
I would retire my 360 if they ported Media Center to a universal app.

Edited by deadonthefloor, Jun 27 2014, 7:29pm :

Kamran Mackey said,
I don't like Media Center, and I never have. It's too old of a program.

Doesn't matter how old it is. It works very well as a DVR.

Don't forget, even with universal apps, it's still up to the developers to make it happen. Apps from one platform won't all magically appear in the ecosystem of another one day, and that's a good thing. A lot of developers would be faced with a lot of headaches.

In some cases, there are likely even legal implications of an app built for WP8/Win8 suddenly being usable on a TV, if it delivers restricted types of content.

On the other hand, some devs are already pretty stupid about that stuff. Thanks to Hulu's mentally handicapped product team, Hulu's modern app on Windows 8 on a desktop PC has all the same content restrictions as Hulu on a smartphone. Why? Iono, probably dropped on their heads a bunch as babies.

techbeck said,
I will be happy as long as it enables you to play your own media from an external device.

I guess you won't be happy then since this is only an update for, not the console.

MikeInBA said,
No. And I am glad they charge. Keeps the need to recycle down.

They could make it free and impose a limit. Don't need to charge for something so stupid.