Microsoft showcases upcoming Windows 8 PCs in new video

As we have mentioned before, CES 2013 will be the first version of the Las Vegas trade show without a press conference or official exhibit from Microsoft. However, the company is still participating in the event via other companies, such as the reveal of Sprint selling Windows Phone 8 devices later this year and company CEO Steve Ballmer making a surprise visit during Qualcomm's press conference.

Microsoft has also made a new video on its Windows YouTube channel that shows off nine new or upcoming Windows 8 tablets, notebooks or all-in-one PCs that are being shown off at CES 2013. Some of them we have reported on before, such as the 27 inch Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC.

Other Windows 8 PCs that are shown in the video include the new Dell Inspiron R mainstream notebook series which come with a new aluminum body that makes them one pound lighter than previous version of the Inspiron series. There's also the new Toshiba Qosmio X875 with its 1 TB hybrid hard drive for use as a gaming laptop. New models from Sony, Visio, HP and other PC makers are shown in the video.

Of course, the Windows 8 product that has the most anticipated launch of 2013 isn't in this video; we are talking, of course, about Microsoft's own Windows 8 Pro-based version of the Surface tablet. Microsoft has yet to announce if it it will hold a launch event for the Surface Pro similar to the one it had for the Windows RT version before it goes on sale sometime before the end of January.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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Now that the supply chains are catching up for the manufacturers, I think you'll start to see better sales numbers. More options for users, a ton of different form factors, and (eventually) more efficient iChipsets from Intel. Exciting times ahead.

For once Microsoft is actually paving the way in the industry by pushing touch across all form factors: desktop, laptop, tablet, all in ones, and hybrids. No other company has done such....especially not well.

Why doesn't the ad show the "laptops" converting to tablets, etc.? Any end-user/consumer who sees that ad will tune out almost immediately because there doesn't appear to be anything new or intriguing about a bunch of laptops that look exactly like the ones from the past decade or so...

it's because it's just an introductory ad. it's not meant to show off what each can do, just to introduce them, the specifics will probably be shown off later by the OEMs themselves

excalpius said,
Why doesn't the ad show the "laptops" converting to tablets, etc.?

It does (somewhat) at the end.. not going to get a lot of detail in a short commercial that covers a bunch of devices. Love the concept though, best of both worlds.

Those are some amazing machines. Enough choice in the high-end segment it seems. What Microsoft really needs is some cheaper Windows 8 tablets and laptops to accompany these OEM flagships. Everybody wants the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 but most people end up with a cheaper alternative. These machines are nice showmodels but they need something that can compete with Android on price as well.

they have some already i.e Lenovo Lynx, Acer W510, Ativ Smart PC $599 tab only on Amazon, and the Asus Vivotab smart. all are nice but usually just consumer based and only one has a digitizer. and i need a keyboard (am an author and indie tech blogger) that docks which narrows down to one which is $749 with keyboard which is out of price range