Microsoft shows how to upload Xbox One game videos to SkyDrive

Microsoft already announced its soon-to-be-released Xbox One console will work with external video capture devices that will allow owners to save gameplay footage from the next-generation console. However, the Xbox One will also let user access its Upload Studio feature to capture that same footage, edit it and save it to SkyDrive accounts.

In a quick video tutorial on YouTube, Microsoft's Kye Lampe is shown playing "Forza Motorsport 5" on his Xbox One. Gameplay footage is already being recorded onto the console's hard drive. Lampe then enters the Upload Studio feature so he can begin the editing process. First, he puts in a "picture-in-picture" mode so that the video shows two different perspectives of the same race.

He then goes in and adds a video of himself playing the game side by side with the footage, thanks to his Kinect camera. After that, he picks one of a number of pieces of background art that can be added to give the video an extra flair.

Finally, he uploads the edited gameplay footage to his SkyDrive account, which can be accessed from any device that supports the cloud storage service. Clips are uploaded in MP4 format and in 720p resolution. Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox One won't allow for direct sharing of videos on YouTube or Facebook. The video makes it looks pretty easy to quickly capture and show off any impressive Xbox One gameplay highlights that a person might want to share with others.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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Clips can be 5 minutes in length. If you want to do a full walkthrough type video, you would most likely want to get an external capture system of some kind.

This is meant more for those quick one-off's that you want to share with friends. Not serious gameplay coverage types.

5 minutes is actually plenty. The few demos I've seen only showed seconds of captured video. Even if you want to do a longer video, you'd probably shoot it in segments and then edit them together.

Exactly. And being able to do voice-overs and PIP with Kinect video of yourself/others for the 5 minutes is pretty cool too.

makes the PS4 upload feature feel...well like most of the PS4 UI features made by sony: basic, undercooked, uninspired. Engadget said it best that it takes a lot more than MHz to compete these days and MSFT's years of experience in software ahead of sony show.