Microsoft simplifies switching between Windows Live IDs

To simplify switching between multiple Windows Live IDs you can now link them together, with the Linked Windows Live ID service. Instead of logging out and logging back in, once the accounts are linked, a simple click from the menu on the top right of most Windows Live pages will now do the trick. To link your accounts up, head over to the Linked Windows Live IDs section of the Windows Live Account page. Once they're all added, you must sign out and then sign back in.

However, there are two problems, one a potential security issue and the other more of an annoyance. The former is that it now only takes one password to break into multiple linked accounts. The latter is if one of your accounts is set to have you change your password regularly, or if one of the sites you visit requires a strong password, it will require that you change your password on each linked account.

Screenshot: Manage Link IDs | Switching Between IDs
Link: Live Account
News source: The Space Craft Blog

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I cna link msn ids together. but I was curious because balupton posted a comment above that he linked his gmail and windows live ID....

so I wanna link my gmail ID with WindowsLive ID. I tried doing it the same way but it dont work.

What you'd have to do is link your GMail ID to a new Windows Live ID, you can't do it to an existing one. You can do that here. Then, if you have another Windows Live ID and then you want to link them, you can use the method described in the news article

Read the article, you can link MSN/Windows Live IDs. There's no mention of Gmail (which is by an entirely different company anyway).


testman said,
Read the article, you can link MSN/Windows Live IDs. There's no mention of Gmail (which is by an entirely different company anyway).


Well you can get Gmail accounts linked to Windows Live IDs, so I'd assume it would be the same method

Hrmm, just linked them, and went to (i use my gmail live id normally) and still wanted me to get an account... At the top left, there is a drop down, in which IE you can select the account you want to use, but in firefox the accounts are not there...

well, sounds like its easy to link accounts for hacked emails... would be useful against scum like media defender

Thank god. I have two Live accounts. My old hotmail one, which still has to be active because my XBL account is linked to it, and my new one which I actually use for everything else.


Being a longtime Hotmail user, my ID has worked just fine over the 11 years I've had it. Why would I need so many that theyd need to be linked?

Obviusly you're not the only user of live ID/passport, and many people find this very usefull due to having multiple account for a variety of reasons.

blackice912 said,
This would have been nice earlier this year before I had them merge all my Live IDs into one single ID.

Yes how, I really would like to know.

I have some years with my passport and I don't like anymore but still I'm subscribe to so many sites that I don't want to bother changing the address, so would be very nice to create a new live account and linked with the old one.


This sounds cool for users with several Windows Live ID's for what ever reason they have.
I'm happy with using just one but good idea in principle.