Microsoft skips April for Surface firmware downloads in favor of Windows 8.1 Update

Usually during "Patch Tuesday" every month, one or more of Microsoft's Surface tablets gets an automatic firmware update with some improvements for the products. Today's "Patch Tuesday" is a little different as Microsoft has elected not to offer any firmware updates for its Surface products for the first time since the tablets were launched.

The Surface history pages for all of the tablet models says there will be no firmware downloads for April, thanks to the release today of the Windows 8.1 Update, The pages all have information on how users can simply wait to get the update automatically or download it manually. It adds, "If you can’t install the update manually, you might be missing one or more of the required updates. Install all important updates, in particular KB 2919442, and restart Surface."

As we have mentioned, Windows 8.1 users have to download and install today's major update, which includes a number of improvements made mostly for mouse and keyboard users. 8.1 users who don't install these files won't be able to get any further updates for the OS. People who still have Windows 8 installed on their PC are not required to get the Windows 8.1 Update.

​Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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wow, did anyone else notice ? They fixed double-tap and drag in this Windows 8.1 Update 1 ??? I just happened to try and it worked, I am so happy.

This article is pure fabrication. There's no evidence that skipping firmware updates has anything to do with the Windows 8.1 update. Does neowin need articles like this?

theyarecomingforyou said,
Indeed. There's no evidence there won't be any updates this month, there just hasn't been so far.

If you check out the surface update page like the article suggests you will see that it does say that there won't be an April update.

Stokkolm said,
If you check out the surface update page like the article suggests you will see that it does say that there won't be an April update.

I did check out the page. It says no updates "were" released in April - it's past tense. Given that the month isn't over it shouldn't be assumed that there won't be any updates.

It seems to me that they used that verbage so they don't have to go back and change it again once April is over. They're still talking about the entire month of April regardless of if April isn't over yet.

My guess is that we'll see this less frequently as time goes on, as they perfect the firmware that they include in the machines.

They probably had too much on their hands. There was a whole bunch of stuff scheduled for April 8th. I'm sure normal (firmware update) service will be resumed next month.

TheCyberKnight said,

There are still sound quality and video issues lingering.

Sound quality? Did you go into settings , speakers properties and enhancements? Try it!