Microsoft SkyDrive now has 1 billion Office documents; new sharing features added

Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud service is a major part of the company's launch of its new Office 2013 software suite as well as Office 365 Home Premium. Today, the company announced both a major milestone for SkyDrive and Office as well as an easier way to share documents with Office Web Apps.

In a post on the SkyDrive blog, Microsoft says that the service's users have now stored over a billion Office documents on SkyDrive. Microsoft also announced today that people can share and edit documents in Office Web Apps without having to sign into a Microsoft account.

Microsoft said that they have received feedback from users who expressed frustration with having to sign into a Microsoft account just to do a quick edit on a document with Office Web Apps. It added:

Recipients can now go from clicking your link to editing in a snap AND you can share with confidence that they will definitely be able to view and edit your document. With edit links, all people who receive your link will be able to edit the document. If you'd like more control over exactly who can access your document, we recommend inviting specific people via their email addresses and checking the "Require user to sign-in" check box.


SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud solution that allows you to easily save and share documents across a wide range of devices. The service is now available on nearly any mobile device which makes accessing your documents, no matter the platform, as simple as downloading an application.

We fully expect Microsoft to keep evolving the platform and if you have any feedback for the company for new features you would like to see, make sure to comment below as we know they are watching.

Source: SkyDrive | Image via Microsoft

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So how many of those Office documents in SkyDrive are just like mine--a one-page document with the word "test"?

I thought that they were so big on "privacy" and not using your "anonymous" data for "advertising" yet they anonymously count all of your private documents and use it to advertise themselves. Not that I would have any problem about actually doing this, but it is the hypocrisy of making such claims about their competitors and then do the same.

Well if you sync the document, you probably need to tell the sever the filename, which will probably include the format as well.

Still didn't read anything about a right click -> get public link like in drop box in the desktop client. It's the only thing keeping me from using it really.

That's stopping you? The Sharing menu/option is much more better that that... you can choose public, or select specific individuals, or get a link to send to whoever.... why would you even need a right click?

This is awesome integration and a great improvement to web apps with the removal of compulsory Microsoft account sign in! Well done for listening to users!

I'm loving it too. Just put together my grocery list in OneNote web app, will access from my Windows Phone tomorrow.