Microsoft spotlights the artists behind limited edition Surface Touch Covers

When Microsoft first announced plans for its Surface Pro tablet in January, it also revealed it would sell three limited edition Touch Covers for the tablets as well. This week, the official Surface blog puts the spotlight on the three artists that created the designs for those covers.

One of them is Kate Bailey, who works at Microsoft as an industrial designer on the Surface team. She came up with the Skulls cover and is also the subject of a new video that shows how her design was incorporated into the actual hardware. Bailey's art for the cover was inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead.

Joy Deangdeelert Cho is the artist behind the floral cover design. She has her own business called Oh Joy where she sells stationery, home office, and wallpaper products with her artistic style. Finally, the snake cover comes from Liu Qing, a Shanghai designer who has worked for a number of major ad agencies. This also happens to be the Chinese Year of the Snake.

The three Surface Touch Covers with those unique art designs are currently on sale on the Microsoft Store website and in Microsoft Store retail locations for the price of $129.99 each.

Source: Surface blog

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Nice ad. Makes all the stuff around the Surface (and MS) more human.

They should make more of these, the dancing people are just silly.
Focus on actual people using the Surface for work and pleasure, not some hipster crowd doing the rumba in the office ;-)

Probably gonna be US only, we only have blue, black or white covers to choose from in the UK. I had to import a red one from our friends in the US.

First time I handled a Touch Cover, it was pretty cool.

Second time was in Best Buy, and the thing was peeling apart on an edge. .

Unsure I'd want a limited edition, custom version, even if the designs are nice.