Microsoft Starts Stalking AOL Search

Microsoft has started talks with Time Warner to buy its AOL subsidiary. AOL, formerly America Online, has emerged as an alternative for the software giant which, in results reported last week, recorded a net profit of £2.2bn in April-to-June but lost around £445m from its online advertising division. Silicon Valley insider Henry Blodget said a team from Time Warner/AOL met executives at Microsoft's Seattle headquarters last Tuesday. "The two have talked many times before. But this is reportedly the closest the companies have come to a deal so far," said Blodget. "It sounds as though Microsoft is now working more diligently on a Plan B."

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Wait a minute, isn't AOL search powered by Google? (even u are on the front page it said Enhanced by Google) O_O... Is MS making a joke or something? They should buy rather tha AOL!!

Wow how strange.. I predicted that if they didn't buy Yahoo, they would try AOL, months ago..

Everything is going according to plan.. muhahaha. ha.

Really, this is too freaky.

And let the anti-AOL comments commence....

Seriously though, I wish AOL to rebrand itself and stay away from MS. AOL has superior web content in comparison to its main competitors and I wish to see them reinvent themselves to get rid of the old ISP stigma everyone here still bashes them over.

So this is the Microsoft-AOL merger I read about in emails sent by my friends since 1999. I heard Bill Gates will reward money to those who forward the email.